Monday, August 2, 2010

The OMG Must-Watch Video of The Week

Wow! Thanks to The War Planner for directing our attention to this video:

Unfortunately, even some people who should know better are dismissing the assertion that redistribution of wealth by force is an affront to self-ownership tantamount to the threat of enslavement. Here's an elementary tutorial for those folks...

Self-Ownership and The Philosophy of Liberty


As usual, Ed Morrissey nails it:

"A few points should be noted. While the woman argues effectively about the 13th Amendment bar on slavery, the Fifth Amendment protection against confiscation of private property also applies, as does the Article I, Section 8 mandate on Congress to protect the ownership of “exclusive right to their Writings and Discoveries” for those in the sciences and the arts. Also, take a look at Stark’s body language in this exchange. Normally combative (and aggressively insipid in most cases), Stark seems to be collapsing in on himself as the woman builds an argument effectively enough to win applause from her fellow constituents."

Update II:

Proof provides a link to the website of Stark's opponent, Forest Baker:

Where's the Tip Jar??

Here's Forest Baker's Facebook page.

Update III:

Here's some good information from Michelle Malkin...

"Chris Pareja is the independent Tea Party candidate running against Stark. He’s a father and small business owner with solid grass-roots support and a limited-government agenda. Learn more about him here and help out his campaign."

Perhaps Chris would be a good TBF nominee...

I'll have to add a clip from the new Fortney Stark video to this video:


Proof said...

Fortney "Pete" Stark's opponent in November is Forest Baker. His website is here:

Mark Adams said...

Perfect post, Right Klik. Especially the last montage of 'Foot In the Mouth' Democrat Talking Points.

John Carey said...

Stark is an elitist that does not see himself as a servant to the people but instead as a ruler. How this man continues to get reelected every two years in beyond me. Great post RK

Tony Williams said...

Everyone needs to understand a fundamental truth. Totalitarian bigots rely on the democratic process because it is unchecked majority rule to exploit the minority. That's why the Democratic Party is the slavery party. They reject a form of government known as a republic and republicans because we set rules to keep that from happening. America is a republic, not just a simple democracy. Bigots are always attracted to democracy and reject the republic that our country was founded to be. Not that democrats are all bigots, but all bigots are democrats, and usually politicians. The rest of them are surfs, slaves, and ignorant pawns with their hands out for your money, your freedom, your reputation and even your life.