Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Linky love for some of RightKlik's fascinating and informative friends...

No Sheeples Here provides some much needed context for this week's sad chapter in the history of the Congress that will live in infamy.

The Reaganite Republican points out the fact that while our country is falling apart, the derelict Obama administration and Obama's media handmaidens offer little more than chewing gum for the mind.

The Left Coast Rebel (a.k.a. Tim Daniel) weighs in on the great debate: The right to bare arms vs. the right to arm bears vs. the the right to bear arms. I may be confused, but Tim is not...

The Other McCain provides your laugh for the weekend. Meet the flamboyant Antoine Dodson!
Smitty likes this Pawlenty video. I'm not ready to endorse anyone for the 2012 elections, but I like it too (hockey lingo notwithstanding).

Nice Deb exposes some inconvenient truth in MA-3.

The Conservative Lady gives updates on Obama's increasingly dictatorial presidency.

Randy-G produces the photographic evidence: Hillary Clinton wants to become a wing suit pilot.

Ushanka: An incredible collection of merged-photos: B&W WWII pics with recent color pics of the same place.

The War Planner reminds us that it's never too soon to begin planning for Halloween.

Maggie's Notebook provides additional information on Weiner's fraudulent little act.

Red: Be A Friend Indeed by Helping a Friend In Need


The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for linking me in the "Weekend Roundup".
Hope your weekend is going well.

Red said...

Good round-up ;-)

Randy-g said...

Great roundup RK, thanks for the link!

Red said...

Hey! Thanks for linking RK ;-)

No Sheeples Here! said...


Thanks for including NSH in your round-up. Enjoy your weekend.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks for the nod, RK

But Pawlenty? This guy's got the personality of a parking meter, if Cuda runs she'll crush him like a bug

And where is he NOW, in the heat of the battle for our country? Hiding under his desk, apparently- same as Romney