Friday, July 23, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: Congratulations Chip Cravaack!

This week the TBF poll results were tighter than ever before... but Chip Cravaack was the winner!

Please rally behind this week's winner and give generously to Chip! (As shown below, don't forget to note "Ten Buck Fridays" in the occupation field.)

Chip Cravaack is running to unseat an eighteen-term incumbent, Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN). Chip introduces himself in this video:

My interest was especially piqued with this comment:

"It's going to take every American, every person in district 8 to take our country back. And it starts with every Congressional seat, every Senate seat that's available. And we need every seat. Because we need to get our country back."

As Lilac Sunday eloquently noted earlier this week in her open letter to Rush Limbaugh, this is exactly why TBF exists:

Dear Rush,

You've said that we should nationalize every House and Senate race in 2010. Well, I want to let you know that there is a small but growing group of bloggers who are trying to do just that. The effort is called Ten Buck Fridays.

Ten Buck Fridays is a small-d democratic moneybomb project of the patriotic blogosphere. Back in May, a blogger called Conscientiously Conservative declared her intent to donate $10 to a different worthy national Congressional candidate each week, and the concept is spreading across the web.

Each week, voters decide which conservative Congressional candidate needs their support the most, and everyone is encouraged to donate what they can to the winner. There is no middleman, no national committee; anyone motivated to donate sends their support to the candidates directly. The poll that closed last Friday morning was carried on 60 blogs and received over 2000 votes...

As of now, at least 65 blogs have helped to spread the word about Ten Buck Fridays, and over 2,600 people voted in this week's poll!

Again, TBF congratulates Chip Cravaack on his win. Please send him some of your hard-earned money so that he can go to Congress and fight against the Democrats' extreme agenda...

From Chip Cravaack's donation page:

*Don't forget to "label" your donation as shown above!


Chip Cravaack on the issues

Great interview with Chip Cravaack on WDSM

Tell the big talkers about TBF:



RightKlik said...

We'd love to hear feedback from the Cravaack campaign!

No Sheeples Here! said...

TBF for Chip Cravaack has been linked at No Sheeples Here:

Reaganite Republican said...

Sounds like a winner, RK-

Linked today at RR, and do enjoy your weekend...

Mamasooz said...

I love your link about Oysterstar. Thanks!

The Conservative Lady said...

I'd vote Oberstar out just because of that French oyster video, mai oui!

The Conservative Lady said...

I am nominating Marco Rubio, again, for the TBF poll.
Charlie Crist is now getting aid from Barack Obama and Charlie has flipped so many times on the issues that it is obvious he is nothing by an opportunist who will say anything to get a vote.

Longhaired Conservative said...

Ten Buck Fridays – Time to “Chip” In!

Got my TBF post up. Stole your post quite shamelessly, I must say.
I would also like to nominate John Faulk for next week. He is running against Congresswomaaaaaaan Sheila Jackson Lee who is a disgrace to the great state of Texas.
His issues page is here:

Thanks for the hard work RK, and all the rest of you guys and gals. You're all doing some fine work. Keep up the fight and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chip!!!