Monday, July 12, 2010

Vicky Hartzler Asks For Your TBF Vote!

Have you voted in this week's poll? Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) is reaching out through the new media for support from grassroots conservatives everywhere...

On Facebook:

Please vote for me in Ten Buck Friday's latest online poll!

TBF, created by the blogger "Rightklik", is a weekly online poll of national conservative candidates. The candidate that receives the most votes will be that week's beneficiary of the TBF moneybomb (an online grassroots fundraiser in $10 increments). TBF is promoted by many of the top conservative blogs, so the winner has a chance to get a lot of visibility and raise a good deal of money.

I am on this week's poll, posted via NiceDeb, a blogger who has been very supportive of our campaign. Please take the time to vote. Thanks so much for your support!

Please vote for me in the latest #TBF poll! #sgp #gop #mo4 #votevicky

Here's Hartzler's first TV ad:

Note: "Ten Buck Fridays" was started by Conscientiously Conservative and has been featured on over 50 conservative blogs.

Have you voted in this week's poll?


Anonymous said...

Vote Brian Riley for Congress the most qualified candidate running. He has a economy background and the know how to help get America back to work. He supports our veterans, military and seniors.

RightKlik said...

Doesn't look like Brian Riley is a serious candidate at this point.

Does Riley even have a website?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Riley web page is

Press says this is a four person race and Brian Riley is listed as one of the four.