Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spreading the Wealth: The Inequities of Obama's Energy Tax

Based on EIA and CBO data. Dollars in millions, cost to customers in 2012.

Are you a looter, or one of the victims?

Based on the allowance allocation formula in [the Cap and Trade bill] for electricity consumers, the red states will not have enough allowances to cover their emissions from electricity generation. The shortfall in allowances to the red states will lead to higher electricity costs for consumers, the total of which will roughly correlate with the dollar losses noted on the map. For example, Texas electricity consumers will see electricity costs go up by roughly $1 billion. To make up the shortfall, red states will have to seek high-cost, non-CO2 emitting electricity sources, reduce electricity production and consumption, purchase allowances from the green states, or purchase domestic and international offsets...

People from the electoral-jackpot states New York and California stand to benefit handsomely from Obama's "Cap and Trade" energy tax. Folks from other states, especially the rubes from fly-over country, won't be so lucky. Bitter clingers from Pennsylvania will be paying the electric bill for people in New York. Gun nuts in Georgia will carry the water for the citizens of Connecticut. Bible thumpers in Texas will subsidize the cost of living in California.

Spreading the wealth around: America asked for it, Obama will deliver. Elections have consequences!

If you are from a looter state, don't forget to call and thank the tr8tors for their vote. (It is interesting to note that all of the Republican defectors, except Mark Kirk, are from looter states.)

The Cap and Trade bill was narrowly passed by the House.

WSJ: It's no coincidence that the liberals most invested in cap and trade Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Ed Markey come from California or the Northeast.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Glenn Beck Exposes Obama Supporter's Dirty Sabotage

Obama supporter shuts down Tea Party by "asserting authority" on property agreements that had expired in 2004:

Today, I spoke with one of the Atlanta Tea Party organizers, Debbie Dooley. Ms. Dooley confirmed that the reciprocal property easement agreements in question expired in 2004! Furthermore, if the information about Simon Property Group's expired agreements had come to light sooner, the Atlanta Tea Party could have unfolded according to plan.

The good news coming from this story is that in spite of the heavy-handed deceptive sabotage, Atlanta-area Tea Party patriots will have their day. Metro-Atlanta Tea Party patriots are joining forces and combining resources. Be there for the Cobb Independence Day Tea Party on July 3, 6:00 PM at Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta, GA.

Bustling: Gwinett Place Mall

Related Stories

Wall Street Journal: Why did Simon Mall stop July 4th Tax Protest in Atlanta?

Fox Nation: Did Obama Supporter Shut Down Atlanta Tea Party?

Pajamas Media: The Atlanta Tea Party and Simon's Peculiar Interest in Conservative Sites


Wealthy liberal business owner shuts down Atlanta Tea Party. Or, at least… tried to.

BOYCOTT ALL SIMON Shopping Centers

American Daughter: Atlanta Tea Party Down

Obama supporters shut down Atlanta tea party ...Wait until days before event to object to 'political' nature

RANT: BOYCOTT Simon Malls!

Boycott the leftist thugs!

Atlanta Tea Party Cancelled, Obots were involved.

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Weakest Link: Round 7

Ron Paul eliminated in Round 1
Newt Gingrich and Charlie Crist eliminated in Round 2
Mike Huckabee eliminated in Round 3
John Thune eliminated in Round 4
Eric Cantor eliminated in Round 5
Mark Sanford eliminated himself in Round 6

Round 7

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Kill Cap and Trade!

Kill the Cap and Trade bill before the Cap and Trade bill kills the economy.

The Cap and Trade bill, a.k.a. the Waxman-Markey bill, will drain $1.3 trillion to $1.9 trillion from the economy between fiscal years 2012 and 2019. Moreover, Cap and Trade is a giant regulatory power grab.

The Cap and Trade Energy Tax bill, would have the following catastrophic effects:
  • Destroy 1,105,000 American jobs per year
  • Raise electricity rates 90%
  • Raise inflation-adjusted gasoline prices by 74%
  • Raise residential natural gas prices by 55%
  • Raise an average family's annual energy bill by $1,500 annually
  • Increase federal debt by $29,150 per person
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett supported Barack Obama's Presidential bid last year, and has never been a proponent of major tax cuts. But in an interview today with CNBC, Buffet slammed the new Energy Tax being voted on in Congress this week saying it is a "huge tax" that will "harm an awful lot of people".

U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the new Energy Tax legislation today (June 6, 2009).

Join the Levin Surge! - Call these undecided members of Congress at 202-224-3121 and tell them no to Cap and Trade!

Bartlett (MD)
Bono Mack (CA)
Castle (DE)
Dent (PA)
Ehlers (MI)
Frelinghuysen (NJ)
Gerlach (PA)
Inglis (SC)
Tim Johnson (IL)
Kirk (IL)
Lance (NJ)
LoBiondo (NJ)
Petri (WI)
Platts (PA)
Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

Altmire (PA)
Bright (AL)
Dahlkemper (PA)
Drieshaus (OH)
Ellsworth (IN)
Kissell (NC)
Kratovil (MD)
Kanjorski (PA)
Teague (NM)

Melt the phones!

Notable Quote

"If you are a family making less than $250,000, my plan will not raise your taxes -- not your income taxes, not your payroll taxes, not your capital-gains taxes, not any of your taxes. In fact, chances are you will get a tax cut."

The Breaking Point

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

ObamaCare: Death and Taxes

Questions for the President: Prescription for America

Because I've already been exposed to enough Obamaprop to get me through the rest of my life, I didn't watch the ABC-Obama Health Care Infomercial (a.k.a. "the Obamercial"). Fortunately, through the magic of Twitter, I got the gist.

Here are some initial reactions echoing through the Twitterverse:

StephenGordon I still want to know what portion of the Constitution authorizes mandatory insurance.

stix1972 I am still wondering when I get my unicorn...

StephenGordon Just did a text search of the Constitution & couldn't find health care mentioned once.

toddeherman #obamercial #fail. I think I'm sick. I need to get to the Doctor Before the Govt screws things up.

StephenGordon the O administration doesn't actually READ the Constitution so much as... wipe with it.

PhilosophyRSS Government healthcare reform = just another gun, pointed at you.

leo_pusateri Obamacare will have all the respect for the elderly that Obama has for the unborn. Think about it, Baby Boomers.

printerslady HOW TO MAKE IT UNDER OBAMACARE: Don't get sick....EVER!

Sky_Bluez every Obama answer: "I don't know how exactly, but I know gov't will do it better"

samishamieh Obamacare means free prostate exams at the DMV!

michellemalkin Obama: "The stars have aligned." From the oaf who wrongly mocked Nancy Reagan for seances...

xaritas Haven't seen #obamercial but seems to argue: in order to get out of huge debt I created, need to spend a trillion. Is that it?


Critics Push Back Against ABC-Obama Health Care Special
ABC refused to accept advocacy ads during the hour-long show, drawing criticism from those who say the special was be woefully one-sided.

Obama gets testy.

Ads from CPR, the group ABC scorned.

Obama's Health Care Shock & Awe

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea Party Protest Crushed by Obama Supporter?

The evidence is quite suspicious. Some information from my post on American Thinker:

Following the money, connecting the dots...

  • Using heavy-handed tactics and legal jujitsu, Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
  • Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
  • Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Obama's inaugural committee and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.

Update 1 here
Update 2 here

Some comments on the American Thinker post.

"First, reschedule the Tea Party to PUBLIC property that WE THE TAXPAYERS pay for. Next, BOYCOTT the mall and the stores in it for the remainder of the summer. I am sure that will get some attention. We are at war with this jokers, and we can not let up."

"Always remember, the Democrats are the party of dirty tricks."

"This turn of events was more than 'unfortunate', it was intentional sabotage. The Simon Company and it's uber-leftist owner did not 'suddenly' discover that the Tea Party is a political event. He deliberately suckered the organizers of the Atlanta tea party. This was planned and deliberate. It is not a coincidence that they waited until two weeks before the event to suddenly tell the event organizers, 'Oh gosh, we just realized this is a (gasp!) political event, and our policy is, well we just can't be a party to something like this.'"

"Obama looks at Iran's street protests against the Mullah statists, and then he looks here at the Tea Party protests against the Obama statists, and he gets very uncomfortable. That's why he is like a deer in the headlights on Iran. With his background as a community organizer he knows the power of public outcry, and he fears popular demonstrations against his regime more than anything. That's why he will do whatever he can get away with to put it down. But it will not go away just because he wants it to."

"Typical Obama supporters (Simon Property Group) -- petty, egocentric, and so pampered they're blind. They just put a 'bee in the bonnet' of already angry tea partiers. Really dumb."

"I really hope no one in this nation is intimidated in any way from their right to assemble and dissent. People in Iran are getting beaten and some murdered..and that's not stopping them yet. Surely, we can do as much."

"Pass this link to ANY and ALL investors: [http://tr.im/puGe]. Let the SPG know that you plan to remove ALL business with any links to SPG. Don't just boycott, go after their INVESTORS as well."

"The US Corpocracy shuts down the freedom to assemble once again. This is a typical democrat dirty trick. Apparently, dirty tricks, snarky comments, and blatant hatred of middle America is all the democrats have."


Contact the Atlanta Tea Party

Other blogs take note: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, & here.

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Atlanta Tea Party Crushed by Obama-Supporting Billionaire?

[Note: see my post on American Thinker]

With as many as 20,000 people in attendance, the Atlanta Tea Party on April 15 was one of the largest and most successful Tea Parties in the country. The Atlanta Tea Party on July 4, 2009 had been expected to be just as large. Unfortuantely, plans have changed. Simon Property Group has forced the cancellation of the Atlanta Tea Party.

The Atlanta Tea Party was forced to cancel its Independence Day celebration in Gwinnett, after losing its location due to the objection of Gwinnett Place Mall (a Simon company.) The Tea Party had been scheduled to take place in the parking lot of the old Macy's building at Gwennett Place since March.

"It is unfortunate the event had to be canceled," said Julianne Thompson, event co-organizer. She continued, "The old Macy's building is on private property, and not owned by Simon Malls, however the mall manager asked the property owner and I to come in the office on Thursday of this week [June 18], and told us Simon does not want political events on its property. They were also concerned about the fact we were using the term 'protest.' Although the event was on private property, the mall was able to assert authority on the matter due to reciprocal property easement agreements."

Event Co-Chair Debbie Dooley stated, "Our Atlanta Tea Party team tried for the next day and a half to find an alternative location large enough for the event, and with the proper layout for our vendors, children's activities, and fireworks show, but we could not find anything suitable that would have been available on July 4th.

...With just a few days left until the Fourth of July Tea Parties begin, this is very unfortunate timing! You wonder why Simon Property Group waited until now to interfere.

Liberal AJC's snarky reaction.

Now, digging deeper...

The story behind the story here

Update I:
Following the Money
  1. Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
  2. Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
  3. Melvin Simon (a Forbes 400 billionaire) is CEO/Co-chairman of Simon Property Group.
  4. Melvin Simon & his wife have provided large political donations to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, & the DNC.
  5. Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Barack Obama's inaugural committee (to the tune of $50,000) and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.

Update II:
Melvin Simon Political Donations

Friends of Hillary
2008: $2,300

Hillary Clinton
2007: $4,600

Hoosiers For Hill
2007: $2,300

Al Franken For Senate
2007: $2,300

Friends of Senator Carl Levin (D)
2008: $1000

John Edwards
2004: $2,000

DNC Services Corporation/Democratic National Committee
2007: $100

And last but not least, Simon's local senator, and Obama's newest "moderate" Republican cheerleader, Dick Lugar
2008: $6,800

Update III
The Simon Family

Melvin's wife Bren personally donated almost $100,000 to political candidates, was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, and contributed to President Obama’s inaugural committee (to the tune of $50,000). Bren Simon's political connections.

Update IV here

More to follow...

Have more info on this topic? Email us: rightklik (at) gmail (dot) com.

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