Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea Party Protest Crushed by Obama Supporter?

The evidence is quite suspicious. Some information from my post on American Thinker:

Following the money, connecting the dots...

  • Using heavy-handed tactics and legal jujitsu, Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
  • Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
  • Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Obama's inaugural committee and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.

Update 1 here
Update 2 here

Some comments on the American Thinker post.

"First, reschedule the Tea Party to PUBLIC property that WE THE TAXPAYERS pay for. Next, BOYCOTT the mall and the stores in it for the remainder of the summer. I am sure that will get some attention. We are at war with this jokers, and we can not let up."

"Always remember, the Democrats are the party of dirty tricks."

"This turn of events was more than 'unfortunate', it was intentional sabotage. The Simon Company and it's uber-leftist owner did not 'suddenly' discover that the Tea Party is a political event. He deliberately suckered the organizers of the Atlanta tea party. This was planned and deliberate. It is not a coincidence that they waited until two weeks before the event to suddenly tell the event organizers, 'Oh gosh, we just realized this is a (gasp!) political event, and our policy is, well we just can't be a party to something like this.'"

"Obama looks at Iran's street protests against the Mullah statists, and then he looks here at the Tea Party protests against the Obama statists, and he gets very uncomfortable. That's why he is like a deer in the headlights on Iran. With his background as a community organizer he knows the power of public outcry, and he fears popular demonstrations against his regime more than anything. That's why he will do whatever he can get away with to put it down. But it will not go away just because he wants it to."

"Typical Obama supporters (Simon Property Group) -- petty, egocentric, and so pampered they're blind. They just put a 'bee in the bonnet' of already angry tea partiers. Really dumb."

"I really hope no one in this nation is intimidated in any way from their right to assemble and dissent. People in Iran are getting beaten and some murdered..and that's not stopping them yet. Surely, we can do as much."

"Pass this link to ANY and ALL investors: [http://tr.im/puGe]. Let the SPG know that you plan to remove ALL business with any links to SPG. Don't just boycott, go after their INVESTORS as well."

"The US Corpocracy shuts down the freedom to assemble once again. This is a typical democrat dirty trick. Apparently, dirty tricks, snarky comments, and blatant hatred of middle America is all the democrats have."


Contact the Atlanta Tea Party

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Adrienne said...

A lot of work went into this. Good job. Link up already ;-)

RightKlik said...

Thanks for the link. I hope to draw enough attention to this issue to ensure that the story gets thoroughly exposed.

bluepitbull said...

I sure hope they don't pull this BS in San Antonio.

RightKlik said...

blue: It could happen almost anywhere, I'm sure. It will become more common if libs get the impression that conservatives give up easily.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job on this blog RK..
Thanks for it and keep it going

Anonymous said...

Did not know that about Simons,but it does not surprise me. Still,it is sad that everything has become politized to this degree. That thug tactics are the order of the day.

Good post and research on this,thanks.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great find RK!..why doesnt this surprise us hun?

RightKlik said...

FtC: Thank you.

CS: From billionaires to ACORN, Obama has quite an obnoxious group of supporters.

WHT: This is why I held my nose and voted for McCain. As bad as McCain is, Team Obama is 1000x worse.

Z said...

WOW. I wonder if you CAN do these group get togethers on public property? I hope so.

The Left's in TOTAL charge and they're still scared to death and fighting ever conservative tooth and nail; go figure.

I love your remark about regretting only having one vote to cast for your country at my place, RK.
Funny, I hear some ACORN voters got MORE! :-)

RightKlik said...

Z: The first Atlanta Tea Party was on public property.

The left has reasons to be worried. Their heroes in Washington don't have the mandate to push this country as far as they want.