Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Care Reform For Dummies

Superior health care embraces free-market principles choice, responsibility, competition and financial incentives. Taking these principles into account, here are eleven excellent ideas for reforming health care.
  • Leave in place the tax deduction companies receive for providing employees with health insurance
  • Create a "Medi-Choice" tax rebate that will give individuals $2,200 and families $5,700 to spend on health insurance. (The rebate will make health insurance more affordable, especially for young people. It also will make health insurance portable, which will free people from being locked into jobs they hate because they are afraid of losing their health insurance.)
  • Allow families to save money tax-free for a wide range of health expenses. (Tax-advantaged medical savings accounts can used for routine medical expenses. This contains costs by providing an incentive for judicious health care spending. People are in charge of their own money and keep the money they don't spend.)
  • Create a national health-insurance market that would allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines. (With more options for consumers and more competition between insurance companies, prices would go down and services would improve N.B. Isn't it insane that we CAN'T buy insurance across state lines?)
  • Give those who purchase their own insurance a tax benefit similar to the one companies get for providing health benefits. (Why should these folks be at a disadvantage?)
  • Step up efforts to detect and punish Medicare and Medicaid fraud, which costs an estimated $60 billion a year.
  • Give Medicaid beneficiaries the flexibility to choose private coverage, rather than being locked into a government-run program.
  • Pass medical liability reforms that will reduce costly junk lawsuits.
  • Allow small businesses to team up to buy insurance at a group discount.
  • Change current law so that employers and insurance companies can offer steeper discounts for good behavior. (One notable insurance plan rewards plan members $312 per year for not using tobacco, yet the annual cost of insuring a tobacco user is $1,400. They'd like to reward non-smokers more, but federal law stands in the way.)
  • Don't move toward socialist or government-run models of health care delivery. (Before he become president, Obama said government-run health care with higher taxes is wrong. I agree. Government-run health care leads to lower quality, higher prices and shortages of health care services. For all practical purposes, Medicare and Medicaid amount to government-run health care, so don't expand Medicare and Medicaid.)


Keep up the good work, Conservatives. Obamacare is in danger.

Supporters of ObamaCare are panicking.

The GOP Can Stop ObamaCare

RightKlik's Christmas Gift For Obama

I don't like sending people to DailyKos, but an annoying liberal tweeted me a link, and I really want to know what y'all think about this one. Tear it apart!


Anonymous said...

I hope that this never gets passed. Work on the economy first Obamacorn and fix it or give it a chance to mend a little before the next leap. This is the Magic Man and the Misfits doings. They have been setting this up for failure since the beginning blaming and blame it on the Reps
The big money special interests are getting there voices heard loud and clear in the halls of congress it appears. If congress can't get anything done on this problem this year, then I hope that our health care system completely collapses. It will serve us right.

cube said...

Excellent points. We should all be inundating our elected officials with letters, emails, smoke signals and carrier pidgeons telling them how much we don't want Obamacare. If the outcry is loud enough, it may just work.

Adrienne said...

My worry is that they will just pass a scaled down version and through "creep" will end up getting what they want anyway.

RightKlik said...

RiR: Absolutely. They need to roll back the "stimulus" spending, get out of the auto industry, get out of the financial sector and leave the health care industry alone. Government got us into these messes, and government will make the messes worse.

Cube: You're right. We must keep pushing hard. They will listen. They already know we're fed up with the out-of-control spending. We have to let them know how serious we are. Pull out all the stops. Smoke signals would be a nice touch.

Adrienne: That's an important concern. We have to beat back the incremental changes as well.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hey Right Klik:

At this point, everyone should know that ANYTHING this socialist, elitist NUT proposes is CRAP!
Slowly people are starting to realize it's all smoke and mirrors. Everyday it's something new and awful, my head wants to explode after reading about his latest illegal/immoral exploits!

BTW, Thanks for stopping by and your compliment on my blog.

I love your blog and Twitter comments. I always check you out and re-tweet! (With this name & my work Alias) You sure tell it like it is! Keep up the great blogging/tweeting. Bye, AB & ONIM

RightKlik said...

AB aka ONIM!
Nice... I had no idea. And I just sent "FollowFriday" @ ONIM not knowing it was you. Have a great Friday and thanks for supporting my stuff. We need to coax more bloggers into Twitterland.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the America tax payer.

Dear Leader says this will not turn into a single payer system and destroy private sector healthcare, yeah right. This most certainly will do just that.

Thus forcing us through retrition into socialized healthcare,thus rationed healthcare.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Again:

Yes, I have an alias for work...hee hee. Still have my right thinking, though. We know how addictive twitter is, and I needed to keep up on my favs w/out the IT spys finding out my secret identity..;-)

I can't imagine why more bloggers aren't on twitter, it is a natural extension & PR tool for their writing! Have a fun weekend, Luved the cartoons 2-day.

RightKlik said...

CS: Thanks. Dear Leader has made it abundantly clear that he wants to take us as close to socialized medicine as he can possibly get us.

AB: Glad you liked the toons.