Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Linky love for some of RightKlik's fascinating and informative friends...

No Sheeples Here provides some much needed context for this week's sad chapter in the history of the Congress that will live in infamy.

The Reaganite Republican points out the fact that while our country is falling apart, the derelict Obama administration and Obama's media handmaidens offer little more than chewing gum for the mind.

The Left Coast Rebel (a.k.a. Tim Daniel) weighs in on the great debate: The right to bare arms vs. the right to arm bears vs. the the right to bear arms. I may be confused, but Tim is not...

The Other McCain provides your laugh for the weekend. Meet the flamboyant Antoine Dodson!
Smitty likes this Pawlenty video. I'm not ready to endorse anyone for the 2012 elections, but I like it too (hockey lingo notwithstanding).

Nice Deb exposes some inconvenient truth in MA-3.

The Conservative Lady gives updates on Obama's increasingly dictatorial presidency.

Randy-G produces the photographic evidence: Hillary Clinton wants to become a wing suit pilot.

Ushanka: An incredible collection of merged-photos: B&W WWII pics with recent color pics of the same place.

The War Planner reminds us that it's never too soon to begin planning for Halloween.

Maggie's Notebook provides additional information on Weiner's fraudulent little act.

Red: Be A Friend Indeed by Helping a Friend In Need

Ten Buck Nominees for August 6

Here are the preliminary nominees for the next Ten Buck Fridays poll:

Delia Lopez (OR-3)
Dr. Donna Campbell (TX-25)
Nick Popaditch (CA-51)
Mike Stopa (MA-3)
Brian Herr (MA-3)
Marty Lamb (MA-3)
Scott Rigell (VA-2)
Tim Scott (SC-1)
Bobby Schilling (IL-17)
Allen West (FL-22)
John Faulk (TX-18)
Dr. Marvin Scott (IN-7)
Stephen Broden (TX-30)
Eddie Adams, Jr. (FL-11)
Christine O'Donnell (DE-sen)
John Dennis (CA-8)
Fran Becker (NY-4)
Marco Rubio (FL-Sen)
Sharron Angle (NV-Sen)
Rand Paul (NV-Sen)
Mike Crane (GA-13)

Note: this is a preliminary list.

Please let me know if I have left anyone out or if there is a reason to exclude any of these nominees from the poll. If you have a particular interest in any of the candidates above, please share your opinion ― or any interesting links.

*Nominations from anonymous sources are not accepted.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New ObamaCare Propaganda via Andy Griffith!

Just in time for the election season, the Obama administration will be piping propaganda directly into grandma's house ― and you'll foot the bill! Reportedly, the "initial cost" will be about $1 million: $3.2 million:

Actor Andy Griffith has a new role: pitching President Barack Obama's health care law to seniors in a cable television ad paid for by Medicare.

The TV star - whose role as sheriff of Mayberry made him an enduring symbol of small-town American values - tells seniors that "good things are coming" under the health care overhaul...

Medicare says the national ad is not political, but part of its outreach to educate seniors about new benefits available next year. The ad is slated to run on channels seniors watch, such as the Weather Channel, CNN, Hallmark and Lifetime, at an initial cost of $700,000.

Here's the propaganda piece:

"We're gonna shove ObamaCare up your rear end, and you're gonna like it!"

Poor Andy looks tired. Why can't they just let an old guy enjoy his retirement?

Will you head on over to YouTube and give this one a thumbs down? If you leave a comment, choose your words carefully. My acerbic comment was apparently rejected by our benevolent betters at CMSHHSgov.

Andy Griffith circa 1965 (or 1958)


TBF Congratulates Patricia Sullivan!

For much of this week, I was wondering what we would do if our TBF poll ended with a tie. Patricia Sullivan and John Faulk were literally deadlocked almost every time I peeked at the poll results.

Making it even more interesting, Sullivan and Faulk made an intriguing deal. Now I'm looking forward to seeing Mr. Faulk in one of Patricia's tee shirts!

Sullivan and Faulk both worked very hard for your vote, and I want to thank both of them for their good-natured rivalry. I wish them both the best of luck in their quest to unseat two of the most vile leftists in Congress.

In the final hours of this week's poll, Patrica Sullivan pulled ahead for the victory, so now we focus our attention on her. If Sullivan wins the primary election on August 24, she will go on to face the loathsome Alan Grayson in November. If Sullivan is to succeed, she will certainly need your love, support, and appreciation, but she will also need some cold hard cash.

"But RightKlik," you exclaim, "I don't live in Sullivan's district, and I'm not really keen on this idea of giving up a portion of my walkin' around money for conservative candidates." Well, Maggie has a few words for you.

Please give generously to Patricia Sullivan so she can go on with her noble work. I want to hear about some big numbers from Patricia's people next week!

Patricia's Donation Box is on the very front page of her website. Contribute to Patricia Sullivan for Congress:

Don't forget to label you donation "Ten Buck Fridays"

Make your donation to Patricia Sullivan here.

Don't miss DaTechguy's exclusive video interview with Patricia Sullivan and R. S. McCain!

Patricia Sullivan info:


"Thank you Patriots! Although it was an honor just to be nominated, we are thrilled that YOUR hard work and networking handed us a BIG WIN in the Ten Buck Fridays' poll! Blogs will be spreading the word and you can too. Donate $10 and help us stay on pace to beat Alan Grayson!"

"Patricia Sullivan Won! My congratulations to Ms. Sullivan, a worthy opponent, who campaigned hard and got her base out! Losing to the future CongressMOM FL-8 was an honor. We all need to help her as much as we can. My leadership PAC will be making a contribution to her cause. I hope all of you will do the same. As the loser, I will follow through and post a picture of me in Ms. Sullivan's campaign Tee shirt! GO GET'EM PATRICIA!"

More updates

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fight Back!

Tell me what you think about this video. It's an original RightKlik production! I think you'll recognize most of the star-studded cast:

If you like it, please share it!



Via Left Coast Rebel at the Daily Caller, another Congressional prima donna

Have you voted yet in this week's TBF poll?

Watch this now: 14 Weeks (via No Sheeples)

John Faulk and Patricia Sullivan Make a Crazy Bet

Okay, it's not really crazy, and it's not really a bet, but it should be a lot of fun. The two leading candidates in this week's TBF poll have made a deal. John Faulk explains their friendly wager:

"Patricia Sullivan FL-8, a strong Tea Party Conservative running in a 7 person Primary set for Aug 24th, has a “grudge” match with me in the straw vote to get some national attention. We have been fighting a tough battle with each of us gaining top spot only to be set back on our heels. Future CongressMOM Sullivan is pulling away from me. Please go to [RightKlik] or [Maggie's Notebook] to vote for John Faulk.

"Anyone can cast a vote in this straw poll – you do not have to live in Texas CD 18 or even in Texas. We are down 61 votes as of 10PM Wednesday night. The Ten Buck Friday closes at midnight Thursday night or 12:01 AM Friday. Ms. Sullivan and I have a side bet. The loser has to post a picture wearing the winner’s campaign Tee Shirt! Let’s have some fun and vote for Faulk!

"Thank you for your prayers and support."

[emphasis added]

Both of these candidates are great patriots who deserve support from conservatives across the country. They both should be applauded for having the courage to run against two of the nastiest liberals in the country. John Faulk is running against Sheila Jackson Lee and Patricia Sullivan is trying to unseat Alan Grayson.

Vote today and give generously tomorrow!


A note from Patricia Sullivan:

"I always enjoy friendly competition! I also enjoy helping out a Patriot. Don't you? I'm delighted John has made it through his primary and I look forward to working with him in Congress. Our first step to that goal is winning OUR primary which will be held August 24th. Vote for the "Mama Grizzly" today and give generously tomorrow so we can pounce the "Good Ol' Boys" who are looking to keep establishment politics as usual in FL-8."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Candidates You May Have Missed: Jim Rutledge (R-MD)

Barbara Mikulski (D) is the senior Senator from the State of Maryland. The 74 year old Mikulski has been a politician since she was elected to the Baltimore County Council in 1971. In 1976, she was elected to Maryland's 3rd Congressional District and in 1986 she was elected to the US Senate. She has been in office ever since. Mikulski has forgotten what it was like to be not a politician, not a member of the Washington, DC establishment. She's an out of touch liberal who needs to go - an example of why we need term limits. Who can stand up to this Senator who has not received less than 60% of the vote in any of her elections? The candidate with the most money, Eric Wargotz, is a very flawed candidate. Maryland needs a better, conservative choice - see Jim Rutledge.

Rutledge is a lawyer from Harford County who has been in the race for US Senate, traveling the State of Maryland since last year. Rutledge has a wealth of legal experience and he is a fiery orator. When Rutledge first decided to run for office, he sat down and drafted detailed policy documents outlining his views on term limits, taxes, the second amendment, our freedoms, and many others. His views are clearly outlined, detailed, and decisively conservative. Rutledge has been endorsed by a number of conservative stalwarts in Maryland including Delegate Pat McDonough and Harford County Executive David Craig.

I met Rutledge at a Maryland Society of Patriots event in late June. Rutledge hit all the right notes and fired up the crowd. He has a tendency to do that. I interviewed Rutledge a few months ago and Rutledge was straightforward and open to anything I wanted to ask him. On abortion? He said, "I’m pro-life. I'm pro-life across the board and I'm not ashamed of that. I believe that it's just a fundamental part of the rights of the unborn child." On Obamacare? He said, "I believe definitely that the bill should be repealed. I believe it is unconstitutional and that it is a manipulation of markets by government control. The government has proven time and time again when it interferes and manipulates in free market decisions a lot of unintended consequences happen and many of them result in very bad things."

As Rutledge said, "Mikulski has sat on the throne of Maryland longer than the queen of England." Rutledge is a Constitutional conservative who referred to the Constitution as a "...beautiful cage created by our founders..." to reign in our government. Rutledge is the man who can knock the Queen off her throne and upset the apple cart. What he needs is your support. If you are interested in learning more - check out his official website. If you like what you read and want to see someone who understands the Constitution in the US Senate from Maryland, donate.

Matthew Newman is a 27 year old environmental engineer who lives in the Baltimore area. Newman has been blogging since 2004.

Newman received his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering in 2005 and his Masters in 2007 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Newman has been married to his wife Jennifer since 2007. Together they have one son, Ryan Isaiah, who was born in May 2009

Christine O'Donnell Needs Your Help!

Which is the most important senate race in the country? Eric Odom thinks he has the answer:

I don’t know why this hasn’t made the rounds yet, but what I’m about to write is explosive and should have the entire liberty movement ready to act.

As my good friend Robert Stacy McCain wrote this morning, Christine O’Donnell is now gaining significant ground against liberal Republican Mike Castle in the special election to replace Joe Biden in 2010.

Pay close attention to that last part there… “the special election to replace Joe Biden in 2010.” Keep that thought in the pocket for a minute, and go read John Fund’s post about the Lame Duck session the Democrats are planning to use as a last ditch effort to push through bad bills that will fail once they lose power...

Now back to that special election in Delaware…

Because the election to replace Joe Biden is a special election, the winner would be immediately seated. You see what I’m getting at?

Christine O'Donnell tells us exactly what he's getting at. Check this out:

Before Christine O'Donnell can take the Biden seat, she must first defeat the liberal "Republican" who votes with Democrats 70% of the time. Will you help?

This is a request for TBF help from O'Donnell's facebook page:

Christine O'Donnell for US Senate Please vote for Christine in this poll - "Who will provide a big return on your investment in conservatism?" -eTeam

Robert Stacy McCain is closely following the O'Donnell campaign. Stay up-to-date with his excellent reports.

More Christine O'Donnell info

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll yet?

Monday, July 26, 2010

John Faulk Needs Your Help!

Who's the rudest person in Congress? I'd say Sheila Jackson Lee has to be at the top of the list. Do you remember this...?

It's time to retire this arrogant left-wing extremist and John Faulk is the man who can make that happen. But he needs your help. Faulk his asking for your assistance. Here's what he said on Facebook:

First of all thanks for helping on them August Money Bomb! We raised ~$18,783.00! Will you now do me favor and go [to RightKlik] and vote for me! Our campaign is close to going viral accross the nation and these help!

John Faulk info:

  • John Faulk is running against this rude young congresswoman.
  • Have you ever seen such incredible arrogance?
  • Sheila Jackson Lee: "Queen" of privilege
  • John makes his case here.
  • Faulk on the issues
  • John Faulk on Facebook
  • Faulk on Twitter

  • Have you voted yet in this week's TBF poll?