Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teresa Collett Asks For Your TBF Support

From Teresa Collette (MN-4) on Twitter:

"We have a chance to raise money by being this Friday's candidate on Ten Buck Fridays if we get enough votes. Vote at http://tiny.cc/knbgn."

Thanks to all the conservative candidates who have encouraged TBF participation! We're proud to provide support.


Hack said...

This is good stuff! I'm glad to be a part of it! Can't wait til it really takes off and is recognized by the big dogs...Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. You and I were in the Original 5 I do believe!

RightKlik said...

Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

Tersea Collett for Congress-on DWI's there is no clear difference between Tom Emmer and Teresa Collett-we better pray for Tom Emmmer victory that republicans turn out in Mass to eliminate and not vote for Teresa Collett in her GOP Primary.

Because she is not going to win in Nov. Genral Election alway and she did not tell GOP Minnmesota Chair Tony Sutton of her 2 DWI's in the last 4 years before getting the GOP endorsement. If she wins her GOP Primary all she will do in hurt Tom Emmer by bring very much unwanted attention to Tom Emmers DWI record and his failed attempt to cover it up in the Minnesota Legislature

Minnesota Republicans >are you going to give Teresa Collett the keys to your political future in the General Election?

DWI- Teresa Collett cited twice for drinking & driving in last 4 years!

If Teresa Collett reaches the Nov. 2 General Election; She will become a massive liability to the success of the Whole 2010 Republican Party ticket!

patriot said...

Vote for Chip Cravaack!!! So far he is in the lead. Lets keep him there.