Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays Feedback From Anna Little

Thanks again to everyone who is participating in Ten Buck Fridays. Here's an update on the impact of your donations to last week's winner. This is from the Anna Little campaign:

As of this morning [Tuesday], the total donations received with the "TBF" label is $840.00, which is awesome in my opinion. The donations ranged from $10 to $100 and came from all over the Country; California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma, as well as New Jersey.
We really can't thank you guys enough for this terrific idea. I hope it grows and grows over the summer and you can somehow encourage the voters to donate the $10 as well as the bloggers. There were close to 1000 votes in that poll, which would translate into damn near $10,000 if everyone donated the $10.
Not bad for a sleepy holiday week in the early stages of the TBF campaign.
I'm happy to have participated in the effort and I look forward to the growing success of the TBF movement. I've been hearing exciting things about future participants.


Total donations to Anna Little up to $1300+ at this point. Additional updates to follow.


Anonymous said...

Not bad at all RK. From the ground here in NJ6, thank you.

Tom said...

Dear Right Klik,

I have followed MD US Senate race for a year now and we here in Maryland find ourselves with 2 good Conservative candidates among a crowded field and both, now, have been considered by Right Klik in this poll. Commissioner Dr. wargotz is ahead in this one whereas the other fell short for two consecutive weeks. We do not know who the winner will be this week. I guess what impresses me most about Wargotz is his determination to focus on Mikulski and not "shoot" at other primary opponents. There is plenty of foder to attack others in his race if he wished to. This cannot be said of the other or his few supporters. I do understand political competition but the lies and misleading statements from the other camp are shameful and perhaps reflect a desperation at this point in the cycle. Dr. Wargotz is embraced by many throughout the State and beyond. I have heard him speak at tea-parties and smaller groups. I am too old to actively volunteer but would do some "light" work. Wargotz is a solid Conservative. I have no doubt of this based on his record of leadership and tough decision-making as a Commissioner. I hope Mr. Right Klik and the other bloggers supporting the ten buck fridays efforts recognize the attacks for what they are and make their own conclusions based on Dr. Wargotz's website and videos and the votes he has received. What he lacks in Maryland are dollars and that's where all of you can help. The CPAC video is fine from a conservatives standpoint such as myself. If you visit you will see that that birther nonsense was dispelled a while back - heck he doesn't even meet the definition of one. You should post some of Wargotz's other videos like his tax day tea party video and no new taxes video from his youtube channel. What you have found yourself in is somewhat in the middle of a nasty primary race propagated by one candidate against another. I would hope you all would understand you have been drawn in by that candidate and his few blogging minions. Thanks, Tom

Anonymous said...

Why don't you let the voters decide? Isn't that how a democracy works or are you going to be the ones that somehow decide who is conservative or not?

Scott said...

A lot of these things coming about where wargotz "disspelled" something well after the fact. You have the birther statement, then the quote in the Jewish times interview where Wargotz thought health care should be extended to illegal immigrants. This wasn't refuted after the article ran, rather not until last month when it was brought up. Then you have the unauthorized and misrepresented use of poll results requiring the organization that conducted the poll to refute the statements from the Wargotz campaign. Then you have Wargotz signing on to the Al Gore man-made global warming farce (see resolution 08-22). Then you have Wargotz signing on to the ICLEI (US organization that implements UN Agenda 21). See resolution 08-18.

If that is someone's definition of a conservative -- no thank you. In my opinion, Wargotz is misleading the voters by trying to sell himself as a conservative when he is a liberal Republican.

I am tired of politicans selling us one thing and acting/voting a different way. We have a duty and responsibility to stand up against this. For too long we have been duped by people like this. I for one will no longer accept the status quo. I sincerely hope none of you accept it either.

Matthew Newman said...

Awesome that Little could be helped out from TBF. She's a solid candidate!

That said, I'm with Scott on Wargtoz. The birther comment is enough to disqualify him for anything. For him to be the GOP's US Senate standard bearer this fall would be devestating to their chances.

Tom said...

These guys are the prime "minions" I refer to. Gee, I always thought that "Conservatives" believed in smaller government, less government intrusion, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, traditional values, strong military,etc.

I believe Wargotz embodies those ideals. He has delivered on a number of these issues while in office.

Let your readers decide. Let the votes be cast.

Steven said...

This is too funny. I have known Eric Wargotz since high school and he is one of the most sincere and honorable men I know. He is not afraid to take a position on tough issues and fight for his constituents. He is a staunch 2nd amendment guy, pro-lifer, constitution, strong on dealing with illegals - no rewards for breaking th law and no amnesty, a signer of AFP"s pledge t fight "cap and trade". Go to his web site and read through all of its tabs, see the videos, you decide. He doesn't dally in the mud with others and I respect that. None of the hacks attacking him have ever approached him with questions about their concerns. They only "write" (if you can call it that) from afar. Cowards trying to mislead. Looks like the voters on your poll don't buy the nonsense either and it's driving the arrogant opponent nuts. So crazy. that they are desperately trying to undermine your "mini" exercise of democracy here. These guys are thugs,unscrupulous and we can only assume from their behavior, represent the character of their candidate. Shameful. Vote-on! Keep up the good work Right Klik.

Anonymous said...

From the web: Part 1

Wargotz files for Senate, Rejects 'Birther' Label

Capital News Service
Friday, March 19, 2010

ANNAPOLIS - Queen Anne's County Commissioner Eric Wargotz solidified his candidacy for U.S. Senate by filing his candidacy papers Friday morning at the State Board of Elections in Annapolis.

In an interview with Capital News Service just before filing his candidacy, Wargotz said he considers himself a "constitutional conservative" and an "Old Testament kind of guy."

Challenging Sen. Barbara Mikulski will be no easy task for Wargotz, a physician making his first attempt at statewide elected office. A February Rasmussen poll showed Mikulski leading an unnamed Republican challenger 54 percent to 36 percent. At the end of 2009, Mikulski had more than $2 million in her campaign war chest.

Wargotz said he knew he was a long shot when he first thought about running in June, but his chances have improved as time has gone on and Republican electoral victories have added up.

"Since that time, that path to victory has widened and the light at the end of the path has brightened," said Wargotz. "Things continue to move in the right direction."

"No guts, no glory," said Don Murphy, a GOP strategist who's working with the Wargotz campaign.

Wargotz said his campaign will focus on four main issues: fiscal responsibility, health care, national security and the Chesapeake Bay.

On fiscal responsibility and national security, he's running on a fairly standard Republican platform. He said the economy can be stimulated by creating incentives for private enterprise rather than spending more on stimulus packages. On national security, he opposes civilian trials for terrorist suspects and said the U.S. should "complete the job" in Afghanistan.

One notable difference between Wargotz and the typical Republican platform is his support for medical marijuana, which he says helps ease people's pain and shouldn't be subject to government intrusion.

Wargotz said he hopes his experience as a physician will give him some credibility on the health care issue. He called the current health care bill the "biggest government taking in the history of the United States," but said he would like to see some changes to the health care system involving ideas like tort reform and buying insurance across state lines.

Wargotz criticized the Maryland congressional delegation - Mikulski in particular - for failing to put to good use the federal dollars meant to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

"She has been leading the fight to get more money to clean up the bay for 33 years," Wargotz said. "But the bay is in worse shape now than when she entered the halls of Congress."


Anonymous said...

From the web: 2nd half of article from the web.

Wargotz files for Senate, Rejects 'Birther' Label

Capital News Service
Friday, March 19, 2010

A mini-controversy entangled Wargotz after the February Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. In a video interview with blogger Mike Stark, Wargotz said he doesn't believe President Barack Obama was born in the United States, leading to a wave of blog posts labeling Wargotz a "birther."

Wargotz clarified his position on the issue, saying that he has questions and concerns about where Obama was born, but he believes Obama is a natural-born citizen because he was born to an American parent.

"I've never questioned his citizenship or his constitutionality to sit as president," Wargotz said, adding that he doesn't want to focus on the issue because it's not important if you accept Obama as an American citizen.

By filing with the elections board, Wargotz joins attorney Jim Rutledge, former Maryland Delegate Carmen Amedori, engineer Daniel McAndrew, and perennial candidate Corrogan Vaughn, all of whom have already filed to run in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Wargotz said he's confident in his primary chances because he brings a different perspective as a physician, he's the only sitting elected official in the field and he already has a statewide campaign organization in place. According to FEC reports dating through the end of December, Wargotz was the most well-funded Republican in the primary with $176,526 in donations for 2009, including $75,000 of his own money.

"We are best-positioned to get this done," said Wargotz.

The primary is scheduled for Sept. 14.

Just a conservative girl said...

I thing that people should decide for themselves, but a birther is out for me.

I find the amount she got a little disappointing, but lets hope it grows as the summer goes on.

RightKlik said...

There are several important issues to examine in the Maryland Senate race. I'll leave most of those for the people of Maryland to sort out.

I do believe I have an obligation to draw attention to any important problems that come to light as the "Ten Buck Fridays" process moves forward.

Eric Wargotz was included in this week's TBF poll because he received several anonymous and semi-anonymous nominations over the past two weeks or so. I looked at the information presented on Mr. Wargotz's campaign website and his positions seemed quite reasonable and sufficiently conservative to allow Mr. Wargotz to be included in this week's poll.

Fortunately, there are people in Maryland who have been paying much more attention to the Wargotz campaign. Many issues have been brought to light, some more important than others.

The issue of Mr. Wargotz's position on Barack Obama's birth is one that I cannot ignore. To me, this is a clear-cut issue. Mr. Wargotz was recorded on video unequivocally stating his belief that Barack Hussein Obama was born abroad.

The video of Mr. Wargotz's statement on this issue makes it very clear that he was not tricked, he was not ambushed, and he was not confused. His answer was unambiguous. And he gave the wrong answer.

Whatever Mr. Wargotz might have said since he spoke at CPAC, this statement is a deal-breaker for me:

I do not believe that a "birther" can win a statewide election in any state. The probability of winning in a BLUE state on a birther platform is essentially nil.

More importantly, Eric Wargotz's birther statement calls his judgement into question. The birther debate went on for far too long, and Wargotz added fuel to the fire. There's no excuse for that.

The election is over. Unfortunately Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States of America. Obama's values are foreign to the traditional values that have made our nation great, but Obama is an American citizen who was born in the U.S.A.

Moreover, even if Obama had been born abroad, fantasies about forcing him from office on this basis would be counter-productive.

I wish to remain neutral in the TBF polls. My goal is not to promote my favorite candidates, but to promote a healthy process. I vote each week, but I do not try to change anyone's mind about their personal favorite. So far, my favorite candidates have not won in any TBF poll. And that's perfectly fine with me, because the winners have been fantastic so far, and I have enthusiastically contributed to their campaigns. (CONTINUED...)

RightKlik said...

Before last week's poll, I knew almost nothing about Anna Little, but now I'm a staunch supporter. And that's the beauty of TBF. We learn more about candidates we didn't know before, and we bring some publicity (and as time goes on, bigger and bigger money bombs) to great conservative candidates.

I also appreciate the fact that TBF is entirely voluntary and that donations go directly to the candidates. You don't have to worry about money going to a candidate you don't like. You don't have to ask the RNC or the NRSC or RightKlik or any other entity what to do with your money.

I do like to encourage TBF participants to set aside at least a small amount of money for each week's TBF winner because I like the idea of unifying behind the crowd favorite to have a bigger impact.

But if in the process of learning more about the candidates we find that one of the candidates has a fatal flaw, resources can be re-directed elsewhere.

It is not my goal to tear any candidates down with TBF. The goal is put up a poll each week that allows conservatives to choose from an array of uniformly excellent patriots who want to serve their country.

But if a candidate goes of course, if skeletons are found in the closet, or if the candidate suddenly decides to start taking mysterious trips to the Appalacian trail, we can drop that candidate like a hot potato.

And that's what I intend to do with Eric Wargotz. Yes, Dr. Eric, we know you're a physician. You wear that on your sleeve. But you're not very smart.

Wargotz supporters say I should "let the voters decide." That's exactly what will happen.

I will not interfere with the results of the poll. But remember, the voters vote not only with their clicks, but also with their dollars...and with their blog posts...and with their tweets.

Wargotz may have earned 250 votes from his hometown in the TBF poll this week, but I doubt he will recieve a lot of money from grasroots folks who sincerely want the Democratic Senator from Maryland to be defeated this year.

And I seriously doubt Wargotz will get much love from conservative bloggers this week.


We've learned some important lessons this week. Those lessons will be applied to future TBF polls to ensure good results. ....More on that later.

Mamasooz said...

Thanks to Anna Little for sharing what was generated as a result of RightKlik's poll -- it's nice to know what the fruit of our labors are - onward and upward!

Matthew Newman said...

If he hasn't been already - I'd like to renominate Charles Lollar. Great candidate against a Democrat that needs to be beaten, Steny Hoyer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should only let conservatives vote on this site.

As far as Eric Wargotz is concerned, the grassroots have already contributed significantly to his campaign even after the interview that you posted. That's what really pisses off his opponents. Maybe you should look at his campaign finance reports and see for yourself.

Tom said...

Mathew and I can agree on Mr. Lollar. Seems very reasonable to have him back next week. Tom