Monday, July 12, 2010

Charles Lollar Asks For Your TBF Support!

Have you voted in this week's poll? Charles Lollar (MD-5) wants you to help him beat Steny Hoyer with your TBF vote. This is a message from his Facebook page:

Another week, another shot at the Ten Buck Fridays poll! I appreciated their endorsement from last week for our strong second place finish, but let's win it this time. If you voted then, please vote again! Many thanks!

Charles Lollar On the Fox News Strategy Room:

Update: Hack Wilson doesn't care if you think he's racist...he's gonna support Charles Lollar anyway.

Have you voted in this week's poll?


Hack said...

That's my pick! I'd love to see him take that race.

RightKlik said...

He'd certainly be a vast improvement over Hoyer.

The Right Guy said...

We had Charles on Libertarian Politics Live. He was a great guest.