Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charles Lollar Asks For Your TBF Vote

Charles Lollar is a great conservative candidate from Maryland, running in MD-05 with the intention of unseating Steny Hoyer, one of Nancy Pelosi's handmaidens in the U.S. House of representatives.

If Lollar is to achieve this noble goal, he will need help! Today, Lollar asked for your help on his Facebook page:

"I just came across this great web site, Right Klik, and they're the sponsor of Ten Buck Fridays. Here's how it works: For Ten Buck Fridays, congressional candidates are nominated and voted on throughout the week. The winner is announced Friday and cross-promoted amongst the supporting conservative blogs. These blogs then promote a $10 per donation money bomb for the winning candidate. Would you go to the link I've posted here and cast your vote for me? Tell your friends!"

Lollar also made his request on Twitter.

TBF is honored to feature Charles Lollar in the Ten Bucks Friday poll this week. Have you voted yet?

Lollar in the media:

Note: All conservative bloggers who participate in TBF are equal sponsors. Ten Buck Fridays was first promoted by Conscientiously Conservative.


JINGOIST said...

Mr. Lollar can count on my help!

The Right Guy said...

He was a guest on Libertarian Politics Live on blog talk radio. He was a great guest. I suggest you listen.

Z said...

It's WORTH IT, because we're going to GO BROKE if we don't get these people elected!! :-)