Friday, July 2, 2010

This is How You Celebrate Freedom and Liberty

Dude... Some of you still haven't yet made your donation to this week's winner of the Ten Buck Fridays poll!

Celebrate your 4th of July weekend by sending a few bucks to a candidate who's fighting for the freedom we usually take for granted:

Step 1: Go to Anna Little's Donation page to drop some cash.

Step 2: Leave the words "Ten Buck Fridays" in the field that asks for your occupation.

Step 3: Go back to your BBQ and fireworks.

This is a great Anna Little video! Watch it now:

Now that you've seen the video, you're going to double your donation, aren't you?

TBF Updates (all with 24 hours!):
Even More!

Note: Feel free to leave nominations for next week's Ten Buck Fridays poll in the comments section!


Longhaired Conservative said...

Dude. Thanks a ton! I should be commending you. You're too kind.

RightKlik said...

LhC: Thanks for all your very helpful hard work for TBF!

Nice Deb said...

Suggestions for next week - Dan Gilyeat. KS-3.

And Vickie Hartzler MO-4.

I hope Jacob Turk will be able to have another chance before the election. He could really use the dough.

Hack said...

Dude, all I'm wanting to know is....when is Rush Limbaugh going to mention Ten Buck Fridays on his show!?

RightKlik said...

Nice Deb: Thanks for the nominations. Old nominations can certainly be renominated. If it's okay with everyone participating, I think we'll have a 2 week waiting period for old winners, but other than that, it's wide open for any candidate.

Hack: We should work on that. Maybe we'll start an email campaign. We could start mentioning Rush and Hannity in our TBF blog posts.

Anonymous said...

RK this is really something else. Again, from those of us on the ground here in NJ6, thank you for all of this and thank you to all of the bloggers and voters participating. I can promise you everyone working for Anna knows it and appreciates it more than you know.

Uploading a video of Anna singing God Bless America today at the Ocean Grove 4th of July parade.

(Yeh...she's a classically trained singer too.)

Outstanding work Sir.

RightKlik said...

Anon: Glad to help in any way I can. This is the first TBF money bomb for which we will be getting feedback directly from the winning campaign, so we really hope to encourage generous donations to Anna Little.

Z said...

Hack has a great idea..follow up!
Sorry I haven't participated on my blog, I'm just too darn "techie deficient!"
But, I am sending money here and there.

RightKlik said...

Thanks Z, Happy 4th!

The Conservative Lady said...

Happy Independence Day, RK!

Anonymous said...

On this Independence Day, let's pledge to fight to ensure this is not our last. There are forces actively and successfully working to crush our liberty.


Green E-Cigarette said...

Cute pic- Happy 4rth to you all!

tha malcontent said...

Have a great holiday my good friend

The Lonely Conservative said...

I'm going to stick with suggesting Ann Marie Buerkle. The incumbent Dan Maffei (NY 25) had over a million bucks in his campaign war chest in May. And he keeps having fundraisers.

Christopher said...

Happy Independence Day!

RightKlik said...

TCL: Thank you!

NG: Less liberty every 4th of July. We've got to turn that around.

TM: Thank you!

TLC: Back in the poll!

Christopher: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

RightKlik said...

Trestin: Thank you. If we can convert good work into hard cash, it will all have been well worth the effort!

Brian Murphy for Governor Supporter said...

Right Klik,

Right Klik supporters, I am nominating Brian Murphy for Governor of Maryland for "Ten Buck Fridays". He is running in the Maryland Primary against Bob Ehrlich for Governor. The Republican Party has decided that they are going to endorse Ehrlich even though their own bylaws (Rule 11) says that they are not allowed to endorse a candidate before the primary. The Maryland Republican Party has signed a waiver allowing the Repbulican Party to give Ehrlich money before the primary even though there is another Republican candidate running. This is unethical and does not allow the Maryland Republican people to decide who they want as their nominee. The Republican Party has declared who they want as governor even thought their organization is not entitled to that. The Maryland People decide, not the Republican Party. This is very hypocritical to everything they stand for, honest government. Brian Murphy needs your help.
Brian Murphy is a true conservative. He is prolife (the only one in the race), he supports the second ammendment, he is committed to enforcing illegal immigration and supports Arizona's SB 1070 illegal immigration law, is a small business owner (has created Maryland jobs and pays a payroll), is a business man not a career politician, will balance the budget without raising taxes, will cut income tax in three years because it only accounts for 2% of the budget and it is hurting many small businesses and families, has been an executive before at Costellation Energy with a $4 billion yearly revenue and a $25 million daily risk, and his main focus is a fiscally responsible government that lives within its means.
Brian Murphy is the only true conservative Republican candidate running in the state of Maryland. Bob Ehrlich is prochoice and he passed the largest tax increase in Maryland history, and he has grown the government by 40% while he was Governor of Maryland. He is not a true conservative and he does not believe in many parts of the Republican platform. Brian Murphy represents Republican ideals on every issue. We need your help in electing Brian Murphy for governor of Maryland.
Please nominate Brian Murphy for the "Ten Buck Fridays."


Matt Goff
Southern Maryland Volunteer
17 years old

Brian Murphy for Governor Supporter said...

Nominee: "Ten Buck Fridays"

Read comment above!!!