Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Needs Your Help!

Which is the most important senate race in the country? Eric Odom thinks he has the answer:

I don’t know why this hasn’t made the rounds yet, but what I’m about to write is explosive and should have the entire liberty movement ready to act.

As my good friend Robert Stacy McCain wrote this morning, Christine O’Donnell is now gaining significant ground against liberal Republican Mike Castle in the special election to replace Joe Biden in 2010.

Pay close attention to that last part there… “the special election to replace Joe Biden in 2010.” Keep that thought in the pocket for a minute, and go read John Fund’s post about the Lame Duck session the Democrats are planning to use as a last ditch effort to push through bad bills that will fail once they lose power...

Now back to that special election in Delaware…

Because the election to replace Joe Biden is a special election, the winner would be immediately seated. You see what I’m getting at?

Christine O'Donnell tells us exactly what he's getting at. Check this out:

Before Christine O'Donnell can take the Biden seat, she must first defeat the liberal "Republican" who votes with Democrats 70% of the time. Will you help?

This is a request for TBF help from O'Donnell's facebook page:

Christine O'Donnell for US Senate Please vote for Christine in this poll - "Who will provide a big return on your investment in conservatism?" -eTeam


Robert Stacy McCain is closely following the O'Donnell campaign. Stay up-to-date with his excellent reports.

More Christine O'Donnell info

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll yet?


christopher keith jenkins said...

thanks for keeping religion out,
but your voice counts, let it be heard . i was the only standing president who, was voted in to end the LSD trade.
i acted swiftly and spared no individual the right to ailure.
GOP is not suicidal, only commited to saving the world.
i youll recall the terror, death was the only solution to such a hanus regime. war was declared.just goes to show how bad a secretive agenda canbe, when people dont communicate, we fall outa touch with our morals as set forth , but ruined by controlling forces.
speak clearly and make no mistake , you have less to make you comfortable if your to succede.
so dive rite in,and live for whats right. just dont be scared to say what you think. but you better be damn sure.mistakes cannot be made because of modern convenience.its time to get an education the old fashion way.

Proof said...

"the winner would be immediately seated" To help inoculate the rabid lame duck!

Z said...

sorry, but I think the Harry Reid race is THE most important right now...no doubt about it.
we have to start featuring Sharron Angle and get her MONEY and FAST. He needs to leave!