Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ThinkProgress Smears The Tea Party

When racism is exhibited at Tea Parties, it is promptly chased away. But if you're stupid enough to rely on liberal propaganda machines like ThinkProgress for information, you'll come to the opposite conclusion.

ThinkProgress has produced a heavily edited and flagrantly deceptive video that is designed to support a libelous fabrication. ThinkProgress introduces their disgustingly misleading video with this:

ThinkProgress has produced a short video demonstrating the vile racism that has been exhibited at some Tea Party events...

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST1: He’s too black to be President.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST2: I’m a proud racist, I’m white.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST3: Afro-Leninism! Coming to you on a silver platter, Barack Hussein Obama!

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST4: Go home wetbacks!.

Now here's their disgusting video (this is the censored version, see Update II below):

Original video link: (Censored)

I don't have additional video context for all of the clips ThinkProgress unscrupulously stitched together, but I know with certainty that "ACTIVIST2" was chased away from the tea party gathering by a persistent Tea Partier who was unwilling to tolerate a racist intruder.

Here's the video of the racist Tea Party crasher, in context (h/t YouTube user dmcindc):

"You don't represent the Tea Party, sir!"

In the comments section of the ThinkProgress post in question, one commenter (#13) pointed out that the complete video featuring "ACTIVIST2" has been featured on ThinkProgress in the past, but that comment is not readily seen, because it has been "voted down" by Think Progress (or cowardly ThinkProgress fans).

UPDATE I: "ACTIVIST4" was filmed in 2006, long before the Tea Party movement was born (h/t DMC in DC):

Video uploaded to YouTube on September 4, 2006.

Update II: ThinkProgress cuts out the "Wetback" portion of the clip (Before, After). ThinkProgress: "We regret the error..."

But there's a lot more to regret...

Update III: "ACTIVIST1" video in context. Inarticulate? Maybe. Racist or bigoted? Judge for yourself:

(Big hat tip to Conservative Generation at Left Coast Rebel)

We need to rip ThinkProgress to shreds over this indefensible attempt to defame. If you know where they got the other clips, please let me know.

Liberals are clearly getting desperate. They are the ones who tolerate and defend vile racism and other forms of criminally malignant psychopathology, but they're projecting their own disgusting tendencies onto Tea Partiers because they know the Democrats are likely to be decimated in the November elections.

The economy is a shambles, unemployment is still two points higher than their trillion dollar stimulus was supposed to allow, national debt is exploding, and the Gulf of Mexico is turning into a toxic hydrocarbon soup... it's no wonder liberals want to talk about imaginary racist boogeymen.

Update IV: Tea Partiers clearly DO NOT approve of "ACTIVIST2" (h/t Kristinn)


Left Coast Rebel: Last time I checked, if you are expelled from a group you are not usually considered part of the group.

Confederate Yankee: Think Progress Caught Using Liberal-Manufactured Signs From "Crash the Tea Party" as Evidence of Tea Party Racism. Update: ThinkProgress trying to cover tracks. "Wetback" comment removed from video and from post.

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If Libs want to investigate racially motivated violent hatred at Tea Parties, perhaps they should look into this. Bonus points for looking into this.


DMC in DC said...

The "Go home wetbacks" part of the video was from a protest in Florida about 2006 (, way before the Tea Party even formed, which was early 2009, and yet Think Progress is making it seem like that was people from a Tea Party protest.

Also the Tshirt at the end was in no way in support of being racist. It was done as a mockery of the crazy, unstable, brainwashed, ignorant Liberals that call all Tea Party people racists.

Proof said...

If progressieves' arguments could hold any water, they wouldn't have to resort to lies and deceit all the time, would they?

RightKlik said...

That's great info, DMC. Thank you.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

We all know that they are unscrupulous, this is not "evidence" of Tea Party racism--it's evidence of isolated incidents, some pre-dating the Tea Party, as noted above, and some people who were kicked out of and vilified by the Tea Party.

Look, anything Think Progress and its loony toon buddies do is suspect. Heck, it's only been a few months since we learned that they planned, planned!, to plant people in the Tea Party to make these types of comments for handy video "evidence." They're nasty, evil people who will stop at nothing in their attempts (always failed, of course) to discredit the Tea Party. Everything they say and do actually grows our numbers, so let them rant, rave, and invent whatever they like. We have the truth on our side.

RightKlik said...

Proof: Good point.

FS: I've grown accustomed to lib lies, but this was shocking to me.

conservative generation said...

Linked at LCR. Great job Klik.

tha malcontent said...

These disgusting, disturbing videos that we have been seeing all week should be more than ENOUGH to put all of America ON ALERT that the "New Black Panthers" are a scourge that should be SHUT DOWN. But with Obama and Holder the two lovers of hate in office, forgetaboutit.

The Conservative Lady said...

It's obvious that the Left doesn't have a leg to stand on and is, again, resorting to the RACE card. The New Black Panthers, the NAACP and these made-up videos are proof. They must incite enough anger to get their base wound up. I fear they are hoping for a fight to break out and a race war to begin. It will be another "crisis" that Obama will have at his disposal to do as he sees necessary to take control. Desperate people, do desperate things.
I remember that video with the guy walking through the tea party making racist comments and the tea party people chased him away.
Thanks for exposing these lies.

Anonymous said...

Racism is the last effort of desperation. They have not facts no logic, all they can do is attack.

Christopher said...

The more the polls sink, the more the Tea Party grows and the closer 11/2/2010 gets the more disgusting the left will get.

Be prepared for more.

conservative generation said...


thanks for the tip on fixing the link at LCR. I've also uncovered that racist number 1 is a victim of clever video editing.

Anonymous said...

Great work. FYI, I surfed over to your blog from Legal Insurrection who linked to this great post.

Maybe Hannity or Beck will feature your oustanding work and expose Think Progess nationally as the frauds they are. Not that they will care one iota for being exposed as frauds, but at least a big part of the country will then know that their false accusations of the Tea Party being racist is complete B.S.

Just a conservative girl said...

Could you please add Scott Rigell to ten bucks Fridays please? He is running for congress against Glenn Nye in the VA 2.


Maggie Thornton said...

R-Klik - this should win a blogger-equivalent of the Pulitzer for investigative reporting.

Congratulations for laying it all out so well.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Right Klik, I shudder to think what other horrible lies and distortions they will come up with.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

commoncents said...

Just wanted to say I really like your blog - keep up the great work!!

common cents

William said...

"CrazyShitThoseDemsSay" "like" it on facebook.

Thanks for the good work people, i linked it from my page

Z said...

Rk..this is amazing stuff.

DMC's info is eye opening, too.

It's getting very scary out there.

Chicago Ray said...

Great work here, real good.

This was news worthy and keep up the astute catches RK I say about the left "When rasslin hogs you have to get muddy in the pigpen"

As you all say, there will be all kinds of this 'Pinko subversive shiite'. I get em asking to link and weird new twitters...check the 'loner' FB 'friends' who suddenly appear. Don't let anyone on your page anymore that aren't in the loop anymore .....couple things I watch for. It's that serious with these loons.

Teresa said...

Great job Right Klik! When libs have no facts they have to manufacture lies and resort to false accusations of racism. I will be reposting with a linkback.

The Shaman Of Hedon said...

Given the nature of this site and the comments, I have very little faith that my comment will last long before being deleted, but are you completely insane or just a really comfortable liar? ThinkProgress got some wires crossed here and they freely admitted it and apologised, but it was solely in getting some dates wrong. The Tea Party, the Religious Right, the Republicans, FFS you people lie for a bloody living. For every one lie you might occasionally get from the left I can find you 50 told by the right. And even when confronted with proof of your lies you folks blatantly ignore anything that contradicts you and keep peddling the lies. You have absolutely NO gronds to be chastising the left for occasional screw-ups when your side lies like it breathes.

RightKlik said...


If you'll read my post carefully, you'll see that there is a quite a bit of false and misleading information that TP never addressed.