Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RINO Murkowski Out!

As the MSM has duly noted, with her concession speech tonight, Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK) became the third Senator to be booted from office this year, joining Bob Bennett (RINO-UT) and Arlen Specter (Turncoat-PA).

The MSM will tell you that this is a bad year for incumbents. If there's a kernal of truth to that assesment, it's only because a majority of D.C. incumbents stand with the Obama administration. The real lesson to take from the death of these incumbencies is that it's a bad year for politicians who are insufficiently prepared to stand in the way of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda.

Lisa Murkowski was beaten by Joe Miller, a conservative Tea Party Republican who emphasized Murkowski's unwillingness to repeal ObamaCare.

Liberal Republican Bob Bennett was beaten by Mike Lee, a conservative who who ran against Bailout Bob's fiscal irresponsibility.

Arlen Specter (D) was beaten by Joe Sestak, a Democrat who has been a thorn in the Obama administration's side. Sestak, in turn, will likely be beaten by a hardcore DeMint conservative, Pat Toomey.

If this year's primaries serve as a reliable indicator of things to come, November 2 will be a bad day not for incumbents in general, but specifically for incumbents who stand too close to Obama.

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Update I: Attention Republicans! Stand firm against ObamaCare unless you want to destroy yourself politically:

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Here's what a Murkowski fan thinks about Joe Miller's successful effort to point out Murkowski's weak response to ObamaCare:

"Murkowski's response was a good one: that Joe Miller's claim was an outright lie and that she voted several times to repeal portions of Obamacare and co-sponsored other pieces of legislation to do the same."

Sorry, repealing portions of ObamaCare isn't good enough.

Update II: Interesting tweets on the topic...
  • @ewerickson: "The Murkowski defeat is also a near total kneecapping of Mitch McConnell, whose leadership team is Gregg, Bennett, Murkowski, and Hutchison."
  • @micellemalkin: "Ousted GOP Sen. Bob Bennett has company: AK Sen. Murkowski joins the lib Repub retiree club! http://tinyurl.com/2wmht2e"
  • @pourmecoffee: Murkowski concedes. As I understand Alaska politics, she now becomes millionaire celebrity and rules world from Facebook.
  • @sarahpalinusa Do you believe in miracles?! http://u.nu/72z2f Congratulations, @JoeWMiller! Thank you for your service, Sen. Murkowski. On to November!
  • @ewerickson: How much worse will a lame duck session be with Murkowski, Bennett, Gregg, McCain et al having nothing to lose?

Candidates You May Have Missed: John Dennis (R-CA)

In 2010, one of the big goals of conservatives running for Congress is to take the podium and power away from Nancy Pelosi. The goal is a renewed, Republican majority with Nancy Pelosi out of power. There's another thing they forget - there's more than one way to remove Pelosi's power. One is to hope for a new Republican Majority and while some are saying that's possible, it's going to be difficult to win in all those districts across the country. There's another way to destroy Nancy Pelosi's power base: Defeat Nancy Pelosi personally in November. That's right - let's get a Republican elected in California's 8th Congressional District. How? With John Dennis.

Dennis is an accomplished designer and businessman, founding Humanscale, one of the world's top 10 design firms, specializing in human ergonomics. He is a founding member of San Francisco's Republican Liberty Caucus and is a member of the NRA.

Dennis is right with conservatives on all fiscal issues. On health care reform, Dennis said, "Currently about 60 cents of every health care dollar goes through the government. If you think health care is expensive when the government is involved at 60 cents on the dollar, wait until they're involved at 100 cents on the dollar." On taxes and spending - Dennis proposes the following:
  • Dramatically cut federal spending immediately, including abolishing the Department of Education.
  • Effectively abolish the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture. Any Constitutionally appropriate functions may be moved to the DOJ or DOI.
  • Abolish capital gains taxes
  • Drastically cut, with an eye toward ending, the income tax
  • Unwind and end both wars within 6-12 months
  • Federal budgets must have a surplus
He opposes the progressive income tax and goes as far as to question its Constitutionality. Dennis said, "The premise of an income tax, that government has a right to the fruits of your labor, is antithetical to a free society. An income tax implies that a government owns you and allows you to keep a portion of what you make."

Now two issues that put Dennis at odds with certain members of the conservative orthodox are his stances on same-sex marriage and the war in Iraq / Afghanistan. Dennis supports immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan - with a December 2011 timetable. He opposed Proposition 8 in California and supports repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. He's also actively campaigning for votes in the LGBT community - which many Republicans tend to avoid. While these views are heterodox to many conservatives, they make him a good fit for his district and a good contrast to Nancy Pelosi who has time and again alienated the LGBT community.

Dennis is the type of candidate that can win in deep blue California and he can take on Nancy Pelosi. His libertarian stripes make him a great alternative to Pelosi. If you would like to learn more about Dennis, check out his website here. Also, consider a donation to his campaign. He's in the middle of a fundraising push to raise a million dollars - and is less than $90,000 short.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Huffington Post Publishes "$100,000 for Glenn Beck Sex Tape" Then Pulls Article

by the Left Coast Rebel

Well ain't that nice - former
Air America editor in chief (read failure) Beau Friedlander authored a piece earlier today, "$100,000 for Glenn Beck's Sex Tape"

It beautifully personifies that which the modern liberal persona has become (vile, unhinged, mean spirited, foul mouthed and degenerate):

(Click to enlarge)

I have screen-shot the entire article above because the actual piece has been scrubbed by HuffPo. Nevertheless the wandering net-venturer can still view the cached copy (above) so do so while you still can. I found the key phrase (away from the nonsense and vulgarity) to be this 'offer':

I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table.

I see, so essentially PuffHo writer Beau Friedlander is not going to pay the $100,000 himself but will 'broker' which in mindspeak is pretty close to the leftist-progressive-collectivist cause of 'from each according to his ability..'

On the other hand, I'm not sure that an Air America head honcho would be a very good choice of candidate to send your hard earned dollars to, bankruptcy and all.

Too bad it went down. When one clicks the "
$100,000 for Glenn Beck Sex Tape" (non cached) link, one is greeted with:

Editor's Note: This piece was published directly to the Huffington Post by its author. It didn't meet our editorial standards and has been removed from the site.

As much as I hate the Puffington Host I have to give credit where credit is due (and am somewhat shocked that they actually do have standards and took the article down).

Regardless, they get what they deserve by hiring dimwitted, bombthrowing, intellectually vacuous, nincompoopish, Bolshevik, libtarded jerks like Beau Friedlander.

Updated: Air America Editor Beau Friedlander apologizes and quotes a 'friend' who says something that sounds Leninist:

First, I owe Glenn Beck an apology. I crossed the line. On the off chance something comes in over the transom...scratch that; I'll delete the email account. Problem solved.

A friend commented:

The people on the left who parrot and jerk their knees are just as much an obstacle to an outcome that benefits the maximum number of people as the "sheepies" are.
Even in apology this guy sounds like a communist (or at least his friend, whom he quotes, does). Lord, how have you let these people thrive in our beautiful nation?

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Left Coast Rebel.

Addendum I: The HuffPo hate screed in its entirety.

Addendum II: LCR screen caps: #1, #2

Addendum III: A few thoughts from RightKlik...

Thanks to the Left Coast Rebel for tackling this story. There are a lot of interesting angles. I'll add my 2¢ here:

First observation... When the lefties should be crowing about what they've achieved during the four years that they've controlled congress and the two years that they've held control of the White House and Congress, they're focused on smearing a talk show show host. No wonder Americans have lost confidence in the Democratic Party and the professional left.

Observation #2... It's interesting to hear a lefty talk about "anti-Islam thinking" and an imaginary "anti-black president movement" before proceeding to flaunt his special brand of anti-Christian bigotry:

"Glenn Beck is also a Mormon. It matters. His religion typifies the noble lie that the neocons originally set out to defend against the counterculture—Archie Bunker’s America—where a woman’s place was in the home and with baby, and an African American’s place was in a ghetto. Mormons revere women much like Hindis [sic] do the cow..."

Is this yet another example of oikophobia? No wonder Beau Friedlander is off the air. With ignorant friends like Friedlander, the Dems really don't need enemies.

Third observation... The Huffington Post pulled Beau Friedlander's hate screed shortly after it was initially posted. That was smart. Unfortunately, HuffPo missed an opportunity to take an unflinching stand against left-wing bigotry. Instead of explicitly repudiating the "angry and hate-filled rant slandering Tea Party members, Mormons, Republicans and the American public generally," the Huffington Post simply provided a note stating that the piece "didn't meet our editorial standards."

Which standards?

Final observation... Lefties don't know how to apologize. In fact, the left has refined the non-apology to an art form. This is from Friedlander's "apology" post at HuffPo:

"I have an odd sense of humor... like I said, I crossed a line.

"Also: Had a change of heart. I got many very concerned letters from people who were upset by my post, some of them magically were focused on me and my family more than arguing about what I wrote. So I changed my mind.

"It is a pleasure to get to know people form [sic] the right. They are clearly morally different..."

To which I replied:

"As opposed to Lefties, who are morally indifferent?"


In all seriousness, even the left knows that liberals are morally impaired.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: August 29 - September 3

Once again, a great selection of TBF candidates...

Poll Closed...Pantano Wins!

New Poll on Sunday

Bloggers: Share this poll. Results will be cumulative!

*Poll closes at 12:01 AM on 9/3/10*

The TBF poll in a nutshell: This is a poll designed to promote rising conservative stars. At the end of the week, the winner will be promoted by a network of over 80 conservative blogs and will receive a flurry of contributions from patriots across the country.

We're working to fill a leadership vacuum that has resulted from the failures of the Washington-based Republican establishment.

Meet the candidates...

Sean Bielat (MA-04)
Rob Cornilles (OR-01)
Ryan Frazier (CO-07)
Doug Hoffman (NY-23)
Mike Keown (GA-02)
Bill Marcy (MS-02)
Ed Martin (MO-03)
Ilario Pantano (NC-07)
Scott Sipprelle (NJ-12)
Jay Townsend (NY-Sen)

In the spirit of Ten Buck Fridays...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ten Buck Nominees for September 3

The preliminary nominees for the next Ten Buck Fridays poll...

Sean Bielat (MA-04)
Dan Sahagun (CA-16)
Bill Marcy (MS-02)
Doug Hoffman (NY-23)
Melissa Goodwin (427th District Court)

Keep the nominations coming!

Note: this is a preliminary list.

Please let me know if there is a reason to exclude any of these nominees from the poll. If you have a particular interest in any of the candidates above, please share your opinion ― or any interesting links.

TBF updates:
  • Renee Ellmers: Thanks to all who supported my campaign in this week’s Ten Buck Friday poll!
  • Obama Fail Blog: This week's Ten Buck Fridays winner is Renee Ellmers (NC-02).
  • The Conservative Lady: Congratulations to Renee Ellmers!
  • Conservatives4Palin: Vote for Renee.
  • Lilac Sunday: This week was a photo finish between two great candidates, and the winner was Renee Ellmers...
  • Nice Deb: This Friday, please make a generous donation to Renee Ellmers. Those of you who are new to 10 Buck Fridays, please read Ten Buck Fridays: A New Synopsis.
  • Proof Positive: This week's Ten Buck Friday winner is Renne Ellmers!
  • No Sheeples Here: I have already sent a generous contribution to the Ellmers campaign and marked it “Ten Buck Friday.”
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