Friday, August 6, 2010

TBF Congratulates Dr. Donna Campbell!

Donna Campbell got off to a strong start in this week's TBF poll and she never looked back! She worked hard for your vote and finished comfortably in first place.

As an ER doctor from Austin Texas with four adopted daughters, Dr. Campbell is no stranger to hard work. By all accounts, Campbell is a dynamo. And boundless energy is exactly what she needs to beat her much-reviled but well-funded opponent, Lloyd Doggett (TX-25).

Meet Dr. Donna Campbell:

A Tea Party Clip featuring Donna Campbell via just a conservative girl:

Bonus video: Dr. Donna Skydiving:

Ten Buck Fridays is shining a bright light into every corner of the country this year. Our goal is to help deserving conservatives across the nation as they fight to take the government back from the left-wing extremists who have defied the will of the people and have dragged our country to the precipice.

There's no place for Pelosi's liberal sock puppets to hide, not even in deep blue Austin, Texas.

Courageous conservatives like Donna Campbell need financial help. But if we all sit around waiting for someone else to provide that help, November will bring some serious disappointments.

Please give generously to this week's TBF winner, Donna Campbell, M.D. I've sent my donation, now it's your turn!

Campbell's online donation form has a great place to identify your donation as a Ten Buck Fridays contribution:

Don't forget to label your donation so that totals can be determined!

* Donate to Campbell here *

I'm proud of all of the candidates we featured in this week's TBF poll, and I look forward to their victories in November.

*A very big THANK YOU to the bloggers who have been regularly providing publicity for the winning TBF candidates. From the feedback that I've gotten, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the publicity bomb is greatly appreciated!


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Bob Belvedere said...

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It’s Not ‘Get High Day’, It’s Ten Buck Friday!
It's Time To ROC 'N' ROLL:
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mnrobot said...

Linked at the 'bot!

The Conservative Lady said...

All posts are finally up. Sorry it took so long this week.
I like your idea of putting up all new candidates (saw your comment over at Maggie's). Hope Pat Toomey is one of them.

RightKlik said...

Bob: Love the acronym!

mnrobot: Thank you!

TCL: Pat Toomey is a great candidate. Will be sure to put him on the list!