Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tea Party More Popular, Dems Deeply Underwater

Ed Morrissey sums it up well: "Not even skewed polls can rescue Obama and the Democrats."

A new NBC/WSJ poll shows that even with a sample skewed in favor of liberals and Democrats, the Tea Party is more popular than big-name Dems:

  • Nancy Pelosi: 21/46
  • Harry Reid: 11/31
  • Tea Party: 30/34
So as you can see, the tea party is 9 percentage points more popular than Pelosi and 19 percentage points more popular than the Reid. It should also be noted that while Pelosi's negatives are more than two times as high as her positives and Reid's negatives are almost three times as high as his positives, the gap between Tea party positives and negatives is comparable to the margin of error (3.10%).

I'd submit that the Tea Party brand is doing remarkably well in light of the fact that the Tea Party movement has been subjected to months of false charges of racism from the likes of NBC and the rest of the Democrat-Dominated Dinosaur media. In contrast, even with all the help it gets from its friends at the major media outlets, the Democratic Party's approval ratings are deeply underwater at -11 (33/44).

As noted above, the NBC/WSJ poll was grossly skewed in favor of liberals and Democrats. NBC/WSJ gave "a nine-point edge to Democrats in their sample (without leaners; with leaners, seven points). But "Gallup found the partisan gap in April to be a single point, when considering leaners, 46/45."

The NBC/WSJ poll was skewed in terms of ideology as well. While the country has been consistently demonstrated to be about 20% liberal and 40% conservative, the NBC/WSJ sample was 23% liberal and only 35% conservative.

Softening the results for liberal Democrats even further, the NBC/WSJ poll included a large sample of non-voters (17% didn’t vote at all in 2008). As a group, non-voters tend to be less conservative than those who care enough about politics to show up to vote.

If libs think they can take some comfort in some of the numbers generated by this new poll, they had better think again.

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