Monday, August 9, 2010

Ed Martin Asks For Your TBF Vote!

Left: a dweeb; Right: Ed Martin

Obama lost Missouri by fewer than 4,000 votes, but the Pelosi/Obama agenda is overwhelmingly unpopular in the Show Me State. Missouri voters voted against the Obamacare HealthControl mandate by a stunning margin, 71.1% - 28.9%.

Missouri's 3rd Congressional district is "represented" by the biggest dweeb in Congress, Russ Carnahan, a politician who's well known for his fawning obeisance to Obama and Madame Pelosi. Pelosi LOVES Russ! He's a good little puppet:

Missouri voters are not amused. Well, actually... they are. At least a little:

Russ Carnahan is the laughingstock of Missouri's 3rd Congressional district, and his days in office are numbered. Russ is being challenged by a rock solid conservative, Ed Martin:

Ed Martin can kick Carnahan to the curb, but he needs your help:

"Help me #FirePelosi - Vote for "Ed Martin" in this poll - #TCOT"

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll?

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