Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Impact of TBF

An excerpt from a Donna Campbell campaign email exemplifies the impact of Ten Buck Fridays:

Been a great week—hope the same was true for you.

Thanks to the support of people like you, my name came out on top for this week's "Ten Buck Fridays" poll from conservative blog Right Klik!

The first-place showing has already garnered a surge in contributions along with broadened recognition for me and our campaign.

Visit for a look at the poll and Right Klik's overview of my candidacy.

[emphasis added]

Thanks to everyone who is helping TBF to grow and succeed. We're having a positive impact on conservative campaigns!

Update: Mike Stopa: "Congrats to Donna Campbell on winning Ten Buck Friday! I'm proud to have been part of so impressive a list of candidates."

Note: Please submit nominations for next week's TBF poll in the comments section. If it's okay with the other TBF bloggers, I'd like to do a poll with all new candidates this week. I'll be compiling a preliminary list of nominees ASAP.


Matthew Newman said...

Jeff Duncan - Great candidate I profiled this week, spent a LOT of money in a vicious primary and in need to rebuild his funds for a tough general.
Jay Townsend - Republican US Senate candidate in NY challenging Chuck Schumer. In a tough primary to get the GOP line, already endorsed by the Conservative Party. No GOPers have won without support from both parties.
Andy Harris - MD State Senator who, in 2008, primaried and defeated an incumbent, RINO Republican in Congress, Wayne Gilchrist. Gilchrist turned around and endorsed the Democrat, campaigned for him, and announced his support for Obama over McCain. In 2010, Harris is trying again and is being primaried for the seat by an incredibly wealthy Republican with sketchy legal troubles.

Obi's Sister said...

The Georgia run-offs are this week, so there will finally be an answer as to who is running as GOP in GA13, among others, and for governor.