Friday, August 27, 2010

TBF Congratulates Renee Ellmers!

When the Bob Etheridge story broke, I was pleased to learn that Bob had a viable opponent ― Renee Ellmers. And as I read more about Ellmers, I discovered that she isn't just viable, she's actually a formidable conservative candidate. As a Registered Nurse who works as Clinical Director of a Wound Care Center, Ellmers is keenly interested in taking a serious and proactive stand against the democrats' health control legislation.

Now that the benevolent Democratic tyrants in Washington have appointed themselves to be our health care "deciders," it's good to see so many conservative health care professionals running for Congress. These are people who have demanding careers, but they've decided they can no longer stay on the political sidelines.

Both the top two candidates in this week's photo-finish TBF poll are health care providers who are determined to dismantle ObamaCare and replace it with real health care reform. Unfortunately, however, conservatives like Renee Ellmers and Dan Benishek can't always rely on the GOP establishment for the support they need. Recent events have reminded us that conservative reform is a threat to the GOP establishment.

That's why we must unite at the grassroots level to defeat statism. We have to invest our own resources in order to restore our freedom. Don't wait for someone else to do it. Get involved now by giving money directly to a candidate who deserves your help. Including today, there are only 10 Fridays between now and the November elections. Conservatives all over the country urgently need our help. This Friday, please make a generous donation to Renee Ellmers.

Donate here.

I just made my donation... now it's your turn!

Reminder: If you give less than $200, you can label your donation by putting the words "Ten Buck Fridays" in the occupation field of the donation form.

Info on Renee Ellmers (NC-02)


Lilac Sunday said...

Thanks for the link!
For next week's poll, I'd like to nominate Doug Hoffman, who is running in NY 23. No, this isn't Groundhog Day; Hoffman won Palin's backing during the special election in 2009, but Democrat Bill Owens won after GOP establishment candidate and turncoat DeDe Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed Owens. And now everybody has to run/donate/campaign again.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for the nomination!

mnrobot said...

Linked and donated!

Have a great weekend!

Obi's Sister said...

Linked here -

Larry said...

She's gonna be my next Congresscritter!