Monday, August 16, 2010

GZ Mosque Nixed?

Is this "appeasement?"

"After weeks of heated debate over plans for an Islamic community center near Ground Zero - the site of the 9/11 attacks on New York - it seems Muslim leaders will soon back down, agreeing to move to a new site...

"Sources in New York said on Monday that Muslim religious and business leaders will announce plans to abandon the project in the next few days..."

...or is it a failure to raise money?

"Another factor in the apparent climbdown is a lack of funds to pay for construction of the center, estimated to cost a hundred million dollars. Backers hope moving it will lead to a wave of support, accompanied by cash donations."

Perhaps the Jihadists are slowly beginning to realize that GZ mosque simply could not be built fast enough to be completed in time for their 9-11-2011 celebrations.

Will this report end up in the "too good to be true" file?

Update I: YES
Update II: Maybe not.


Mark Adams said...

Well I guess we'll have to keep up the pressure some more. GD!

Chicago Ray said...

This would be a great victory indeed if true RK, I can't see who would literally 'build it' at this point.

Teresa said...

This is good news. If only our President would have listened to the American peoples' concerns from the beginning, then this insensitive fiasco could have been avoided.

The Pragmatis said...

There's no time for the PC acceptance of demonic activity hiding behind "religion".
Just words for the wise..

Barry is a muzzie, and a commie and bad for America.

Fredd said...


'If only our President would have listened...'

This guy has got to have the hugest tin ear of any politician in my lifetime. And I'm no spring chicken. He couldn't hear a thing the public has to say about anything, or at least he doesn't seem to have heard, based on his stupid policies so far.

That would make for a great political cartoon: Obama's metal ears sticking out with obvious rivets holding the sheet metal together at the seams, and the caption would show his hand cupping the enormous tin ear saying 'what did you say?'

Not that he would ever ask that question, maybe I need more work on the caption.

Red said...

Totally linked!

The Conservative Lady said...

If only our President would have listened...

I really think Obama doesn't care about the American peoples' concerns. Sad but true. It's obvious with Obamacare, the bailouts, the financial takeover, illegal immigration...he just doesn't care.