Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Lesson for the GOP: Chris Christie Makes Tough Choices and Wins Public Opinion by Doing the Right Thing

Image: Chris Christie looking out for taxpayers and polling well

by the
Left Coast Rebel

Now and then a story comes along that smashes
ruling class Republican orthodoxy to pieces. Typically the squishy, statist-appeasing Republican leadership trembles at the sight of blood or a good fight for the American taxpayer, left to cower in the shadows --- reading the New York Times --- betraying the party's limited government platform.

And then in the meantime these pols then lose public favor and elections as recent polling has shown that America is 40+ % self-identified as conservative.

But what about tough, plain spoken leaders like Chris Christie?

I'm sure that he is hated by the New Jersey taxpayer-pillaging interest groups/liberal-leftist lobby. And New Jersey is a deep blue state too. But what does the overall public in the state think of him and his tough governance?

Another Black Conservative:
New Jersey Online: The Quinnipiac University survey of 1,190 registered voters found 51 percent approve of Christie’s job performance, while 36 percent disapprove. Voters are also more likely to identify Christie as a “leader” (51 percent) than as a “bully” (39 percent) when asked to choose.

It’s a significant improvement from June, when voters were split down the middle on both Christie’s approval rating and whether he’s more of a bully or a leader.[…]

Christie’s ratings are better than what his predesessor, Democrat Jon Corzine, chalked up in his first summer. Coming off a battle with the Legislature that temporarily shut down state government, Corzine had a 44 percent approval rating in a July 2006 Quinnipiac poll.[…]

Garden State voters are split on how they feel about President Obama, with 47 percent approving and 47 percent disapproving — his lowest rating in any New Jersey Quinnipiac poll. [MORE]
Clifton easily sums this news up:
If Chris Christie can make the hard choices in a blue state like New Jersey and no suffer from it, then national Republicans need not worry about making the hard choices when they take control of Congress. The American people have pretty much figured out that the bill for decades of reckless spending has come due. They are pretty much ready to take the harsh medicine needed to put our financial house in order. All that is required is a dose of honesty from Washington and change in the national narrative.

Christie has successfully changed the narrative by casting the tax payer as the victim and government largess as the victimizer. Christie will continue to be a success so long as he stays clear of foolish comments like opining on Snooki and the Ground Zero Mosque.
Republicans running now and running the show after November - do you have the cajones to take on the statist special interests that are bleeding the wealth and future of our nation?

Paging Chris Christie.

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RightKlik said...

Thanks for the post, LCR.

The GOP can learn a lot of important lessons from Christie. I hope that when the Republicans take back the House in November, they will look to Christie's leadership style as a model for success.

If Christie can learn to weigh in on social issues and other controversies with more finesse, he will be the Ronald Reagan of this generation.

Matt said...

Christie has been impressive. His fight with the Teacher's Union, for example, was a classic example of plain spoken truth defeating the special interests.

If the GOP can grasp this, we are in for something special. We'll need it too, given all the opposition that they will face from the unions, ACORN, and all of the other usual astroturf suspects.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think the GOP could use someone with the backbone to chance being labeled "reactionary" by the enemy camp (and they ARE enemies). The last thing they need is another McCain.

Anonymous said...

Christie has become my favorite in GOP. He is the New Jersey version of John Wayne.