Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nick Popaditch Needs Your Support!

Nick Popaditch is an extraordinary candidate running for Congress from California's 51st District. Popaditch is a former Iraq War Tank Commander whose iconic image became a worldwide symbol of the liberation of Iraq.

"Popaditch wanted to be a marine more than anything else in the world, and tried to stay in even after being hit in the head with a rocket." Now he's applying his exceptional leadership skills and his clear conservative vision in a quest to serve his country in an entirely new role.

Listen to Popaditch speak at a Tea Party rally:

We need more people like Nick Popaditch in Congress. To make that happen, we need to spread the word. Here's a message about TBF from Nick's Twitter feed:

"...Popaditch featured in conservative bloggers poll http://tinyurl.com/23uyj4f @HipEchik #TCOT #CATCOT"

Popaditch has a great group of loyal supporters, including a popular and influential west coast talk show host, Rick Amato:

Nick Popaditch (CA-51)

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll?


The Rattler - III said...

After a hatchet job by a local paper I did an article about him last week. He is a great patriot. I was glad to support him through Icaucus during the primaries and through his election!

Z said...

he's terrific..! Boy, it's heartening to see all these good people running! I SURE hope they ALL WIN!

Anonymous said...

Read this Marine's outstanding book, called Once a Marine. He has a website at www.onceamarine.com. It will tell you everything about this hero you need to know. Then send the buy 20 bucks or whatever you can afford, and we can oust that Marxist weasel Bob Filner and put a real conservative powerhouse in his place!


Matthew Avitabile said...

Popaditch is a hero!

SarahB said...

Nick is the real deal!!!! WE NEED HIM IN CONGRESS. And the whole nation needs to remember, As Goes California, So Goes The Nation...so lets help turn this blue seat red!!