Monday, August 2, 2010

Donna Campbell Asks for Your TBF Support!

Donna Campbell, M.D., is looking forward to going to Washington to represent the people of the 25th Congressional District in Texas. The people of TX-25 can hardly wait. But before that can happen, Dr. Campbell will have to defeat an entrenched liberal incumbent, Lloyd Doggett. You probably remember Doggett from his steadfast commitment to ignore his constituents back in August of last year.

Donna Campbell will need your help to defeat Doggett this fall. Here's a message from Facebook:

"I’m one of the candidates listed on this week’s Ten Buck Fridays poll from RightKlik! Please hit the link below and vote for me - winner will be promoted by a network of 60+ conservative blogs, which in turn should garner a flurry of contributions from across the country!!"

Don't let Doggett cruise to another undeserved victory in November!

Donna Campbell, M.D.

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll?

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