Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Primary Highlights

Exciting results from yesterday's Primary elections...

Biggest shocker of the night: In a huge surprise to all the pundits who are still struggling to appreciate the magnitude of America's opposition to the radical Obama agenda, Lisa Murkowski was trailing Joe Miller by 3.6 points with over three quarters of the precincts reporting. Murkowski was expected to use her incumbent RINO establi$hment advantage to easily overcome her pro-abortion, pro-ObamaCare handicaps, but this year is not a good one for liberals on either side of the isle, GOP or Dem.

There might be a very long wait for final results.

A good night for Marco Rubio: Out of 1,252,494 votes cast in the GOP Senate primary, 1,059,193 went to Rubio. On the Dems' side, Kendrick Meek took 57% of the total (522,982/909,307). These results are good news for conservatives for a number of reasons.

First, conservative Rubio got more votes than all of the Democrats combined. That bodes well for Rubio's strength in November. Second, a victory for Meek (as opposed to the other Democrat) makes it easier for Rubio to win in the general election vs. Crist and the Dem. Third, if a single GOP candidate can bring in more votes in his non-competitive primary election than two Democrats can draw in a hotly contested parallel battle, widespread concerns over the Dems' midterm apathy appear to be very well placed.

Another important election in Florida: A big ObamaCare foe, Rick Scott, upset an establishment Republican for the win in Florida's GOP gubernatorial primary. A health care executive who founded Conservatives for Patient's Rights, Rick Scott would be a formidable force for repeal of ObamaCare as governor of the "Medicare State," but he does carry some old baggage.

Finally in Florida, Daniel Webster has been anointed to take on the #1 evil-monger in Congress, Alan Grayson.

Our primary roundup would not be complete without mentioning Feingold McCain. Unfortunately, after spending almost $100 billion to win the primary, McCain walked away with 56% of the vote. This ensures another 6 years of the Maverick, who will be 80 years old the next time Arizonans vote to force us to endure another 6 years of the uber-RINO.

Speaking of McCain, don't miss the analysis at The Other McCain's primary HQ.


Democratic party spokesman can't name Alaska Democrat running for Senate

Tidbit: The National Republican Senatorial Committee advised Murkowski to attack her conservative opponent early. (This is why we have TBF.)

JammieWearingFool: The Palin effect

RightKlik circa November 2008: "Palin will be a tremendous asset to the conservative movement for many years to come... If there is anyone who can help turn out the conservative base, in a close race, in a red state, where conservative turnout is likely to tip the scales, Sarah Palin is the one."

Another Flashback (from Matthew Newman): Joe Miller, giant slayer.

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Mark Adams said...

That FL Senate primary results is what stood out to me from yesterday. Those are huge number differences between the GOP & DNC tickets.
As for McCain, I guess we have our work cut out for us to get that guy more in line with MS America.

John Sanzone said...

That the Alaska GOP primary wasn't a boring, predictable win for Lisa Murkowski is the biggest news of the election year so far, in my opinion. All the other incumbents thrown out in primaries were predictable. This speaks to either 1. the lack of motivation among 'moderates', or 2. the growing lack of 'moderates.' Gauging this phenomenon will be incredibly useful this November--remember, we haven't won anything yet; a lot can happen in two and a half months.

Anonymous said...

……………..and it never ends! Now we have this going on: