Monday, August 9, 2010

Joel Demos Asks For Your TBF Vote!

Joel Demos has grabbed the attention of political junkies all over the country with a brilliant ad. Ed Morrissey explains...

"Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District may be one of the most liberal districts in the nation. It sent Keith Ellison to Congress in 2006 and kept him there in 2008 by a 48-point margin. It’s a D+23 district according to the Cook Report, but that almost certainly understates the Sisyphean task any Republican would have in pushing Ellison aside, even in a year like this. Instead of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill, Joel Demos gives us a slightly more modern take on how this task looks — and what it will take to succeed...

"Joel has the unenviable task of door-knocking in this district, but from what I hear around the campfire, he’s taking that task and others very seriously..."

No kidding!

Joel was included in this week's Ten Buck Fridays poll, and he's taking that very seriously too. See the URL at the top of his viral video? Yeah, that's a link to the TBF poll!

He's also been reminding his supporters to vote for him via Facebook:

"Joel Demos for U.S. Congress Go to and vote for Joel for the '10 buck friday poll' !!!"

It's early in the week, but Joel has earned a commanding lead in the TBF poll. Good luck to all of the TBF nominees!

Update: Tony Sutton, the chairman of the Minnesota GOP, is lending a hand:

"Help Joel! RT @JDemos4Congress Go to & vote for Joel in the '10 buck friday poll'! #mn2010"

Have you voted in this week's poll? Take a hint from Lorie Byrd and go vote now!

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The Lonely Conservative said...

Can I nominate Ann Marie Buerkle again?