Wednesday, August 4, 2010

America Needs Leaders Like Van Irion

Left: Van Irion with Steve King, Right: Irion with Michele Bachmann

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 5, is primary election day in Tennessee. I voted early, and I chose Van Irion (TN-3) to represent me in Congress. Van Irion is an exceptionally good candidate, and I think that if he goes to Congress, he will quickly be recognized as one of America's rising conservative stars.

Van Irion is right on the issues, and his proper stance stems from the fact that he understands that the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect the citizens from overbearing government. Irion knows that an unfettered Federal Government, free from the constraints of the Constitution, will become abusive and intolerable.

I first became interested in Van Irion's campaign not because I live in Tennessee, but because I have devoted the last two years of my life to stopping the radical Obama agenda, particularly Obamacare. Soon after Obamacare was passed, I discovered Obamacare Class Action.

Obamacare Class Action is a lawsuit designed to strike down the Democrats' health care bill by reversing "the incorrect interpretation by the Supreme Court of the Commerce clause that allows Congress to regulate essentially every American enterprise. This will restore the 10th Amendment and restrain Congress." Van Irion is litigating this case pro bono.

Irion's approach to Obamacare's encroachment on our liberty is a good example of his principled, proactive leadership style.

As a conservative Constitutional attorney, Van Irion's emphasis on the U.S. Constitution is not just a convenient meme to feed to Tea Party Conservatives and to right wing Republican primary voters. Irion's investsment in constitutionally-limited government is an enduring commitment that started when he was still a child.

Van Irion will NEVER go against the founding principles of our country. Irion understands that we're slowly losing our freedom in America because "evil wins if you give even a little bit."

Irion also understands the importance of free markets, free enterprise and capitalism. He will not stand for bailouts, crony capitalism, or any program that interferes with economic liberty. He knows that "voting in Congress is like pulling a trigger on a gun." An otherwise exemplary voting record can be ruined by one stupid vote.

Here's a great point from one of Irion's speeches:

"If I'm at the range and I shoot 99 bullets and then I put one through someone's head, I can't say 'Oh, Gee, I'm sorry.' It doesn't put the bullet back in the gun. When you vote for the bailout, saying you're sorry the next week doesn't fix the $800 billion debt that our great-grandchildren will be paying for."

Van Irion is a conservative anti-establishment Tea Party Republican (my words, not his). His anti-establishment street cred is particularly important at this moment in history. Any congressman who really wants to take down Obama's statist agenda also needs to be prepared to lock horns with status quo statists on the Republican side of the aisle. Van Irion is ready.

I know where Van Irion stands on the issues because I sat down with Irion and discussed his views. Irion spoke at length and answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. So I can tell you with 100% confidence that Van Irion is the real deal, and the whole nation would benefit from having a freedom fighter like Irion in Congress. His speeches on the floor of the House would be barn burners.

Van Irion is a media-savvy citizen statesman who is prepared to take a principled stand against the Democrats' agenda. His goal is not to satisfy lifelong career ambitions or to become a permanent fixture in Washington, D.C., but to help save this country for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

There are suitable conventional milquetoast Republican candidates who might do a good enough job representing the third Congressional district of Tennessee. However, for those who believe in the importance of liberty and freedom; for those who understand the blessings of capitalism and free enterprise; for those who believe in American exceptionalism and who want that exceptionalism to be available to future generations... Van Irion is the only choice.

If you know anyone from TN-3 (Oak Ridge, Middle Valley, Cleveland, Red Bank, East Ridge Chattanooga), please send a reminder to vote for Van Irion before the polls close on Thrusday at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

Please visit Van Irion's website. It provides a wealth of information.


I just got this in an email from Van Irion:

"Jay 'The Jammer' Scott on WPLZ just recognized that we are leading this race. Earlier in the campaign, I have been dubbed the Dark Horse by the Knox News Sentinel, WNOX and others. The Democrats must be thinking the same thing because they've already started attacking me and our Constitutional message. Democratic Congressional candidate John Wolfe placed radio ads today that name me and attack my stance on the Constitution. All this just confirms what we've known for months: we’re about to win a huge victory in our fight to take back our government."

Note: As the general midterm elections draw closer, I will be endorsing other great patriots, but Van Irion is the first and only candidate to be officially and formally endorsed by RightKlik.

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