Thursday, June 25, 2009

ObamaCare: Death and Taxes

Questions for the President: Prescription for America

Because I've already been exposed to enough Obamaprop to get me through the rest of my life, I didn't watch the ABC-Obama Health Care Infomercial (a.k.a. "the Obamercial"). Fortunately, through the magic of Twitter, I got the gist.

Here are some initial reactions echoing through the Twitterverse:

StephenGordon I still want to know what portion of the Constitution authorizes mandatory insurance.

stix1972 I am still wondering when I get my unicorn...

StephenGordon Just did a text search of the Constitution & couldn't find health care mentioned once.

toddeherman #obamercial #fail. I think I'm sick. I need to get to the Doctor Before the Govt screws things up.

StephenGordon the O administration doesn't actually READ the Constitution so much as... wipe with it.

PhilosophyRSS Government healthcare reform = just another gun, pointed at you.

leo_pusateri Obamacare will have all the respect for the elderly that Obama has for the unborn. Think about it, Baby Boomers.

printerslady HOW TO MAKE IT UNDER OBAMACARE: Don't get sick....EVER!

Sky_Bluez every Obama answer: "I don't know how exactly, but I know gov't will do it better"

samishamieh Obamacare means free prostate exams at the DMV!

michellemalkin Obama: "The stars have aligned." From the oaf who wrongly mocked Nancy Reagan for seances...

xaritas Haven't seen #obamercial but seems to argue: in order to get out of huge debt I created, need to spend a trillion. Is that it?


Critics Push Back Against ABC-Obama Health Care Special
ABC refused to accept advocacy ads during the hour-long show, drawing criticism from those who say the special was be woefully one-sided.

Obama gets testy.

Ads from CPR, the group ABC scorned.

Obama's Health Care Shock & Awe

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Anonymous said...

What Obama can't handle questions from his own lackies? El Presidente no mas la media de mayor? Interesante!

robert verdi said...

details are for suckers, they want to pass the law decide what it means later.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,I didn't watch the ABC propganda either. We all know what this means,we are going to a single payer system,that will end up being rationed health care. Or,just another form of eugenics and higher taxes.

I did watch O'Rielly, who asked Barny Franks if it was Constitutional,to which Barny said no it was not. But,that the government has the ability to do it anyway.

This just tells me that the left,and certian parts of the right really just don't care about the Constitution at all.

My Blog said...

Say What You Want To About Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney is a warrior! The only one in the GOP with the guts to take on the Obama machine. Who do you trust more with the security of our nation? A clown like Obama or a real leader who cares nothing for cultivating some sort of movie star persona. Obama is too busy campaigning and getting photo shoots with his shirt off to tend to the real business of running this nation. He is and always will be inadequate and ill prepared. A clueless embarrassment. A pampered and effeminate elitisit. Cheney is smart and can get the job done. No girly man here. I will ever be grateful to him. I also love that he cares less what the left thinks of him.

Iv'e been waiting for 8 long years for Bush/Cheney and the rest of the "I'll take the "High Road" Republicans to defend themselves against the ridiculous lies and blame put on them by the unwashed leftists in Congress and the leftist press.

I’m glad Cheney is giving them now what they deserved long ago. The truth shall set you free!

To the lefties who want to smear Cheney with misleading and ideological nonsense, I say, bring it on!!

PS Thank you

RightKlik said...

David: Obama can't handle anything without the assistance of his teleprompter.

RV: Pass the law now, total control later.

CS: I didn't hear about the Barney frank nonsense. If Congress doesn't have respect for the law that constrains them (the constitution), why should we have respect for their legislative whims? They have no authority if they ignore the law.

My Blog: Too bad Cheney isn't president. Too bad America would never have the sense to elect someone like him to the office.

Left Coast Rebel said...

RK - Did you read my ABC post yesterday? Also, link up my socialized med piece today, it covers a lot of the bases. I was on Twitter last night to for about 3 hours!

Andrew33 said...

So, you too are opposed to "Obamahealthcaredestruction"? 'm glad to see so many of us see things the same way.

I agree with "Myblog" about Dick Cheney. He has given Obama fits while the Repubs wander aimlessly in the wilderness. If I were a representative, I would be in my district with a bullhorn everyday trying to warn people of what's to come. Instead we get a pResidential Luau where they are serving pork (although Obama won't eat any because he is Muslim).

RightKlik said...

LCR: Link is up!

Andrew33: I am opposed to just about everything Obama stands for, especially his health care destruction agenda.

Just a conservative girl said...

You missed one. When directly asked about care for his wife and kids he said he would want everything possible done. Not in those exact words, but that was the gist of his answer.
Also - ABC did run an issues ad during the obamarecial. It supported his plan. SHOCKER!!!!

RightKlik said...

JCG: You're right, that was an issue Obama couldn't squirm out of very well. Here's a link to the Neurologist's question and Obama's weak response: