Friday, June 26, 2009

Glenn Beck Exposes Obama Supporter's Dirty Sabotage

Obama supporter shuts down Tea Party by "asserting authority" on property agreements that had expired in 2004:

Today, I spoke with one of the Atlanta Tea Party organizers, Debbie Dooley. Ms. Dooley confirmed that the reciprocal property easement agreements in question expired in 2004! Furthermore, if the information about Simon Property Group's expired agreements had come to light sooner, the Atlanta Tea Party could have unfolded according to plan.

The good news coming from this story is that in spite of the heavy-handed deceptive sabotage, Atlanta-area Tea Party patriots will have their day. Metro-Atlanta Tea Party patriots are joining forces and combining resources. Be there for the Cobb Independence Day Tea Party on July 3, 6:00 PM at Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta, GA.

Bustling: Gwinett Place Mall

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Z said...

I'm sure glad they're going on with it..and wish them ALL the best!

Glenn Beck keeps getting to the bottom of things but the mainstream media won't pick up the TRUTH. SO many things are ignored; the new ACORN truths 2 of their former bigwigs are speaking up with (both saying the White elitists let the Blacks do all the dirty work for them...nice, eh? Not)..
the truth about the health care program; the truth about cap and trade and how obama LIED when he said 'not raising prices on the middle class'...
SO MUCh, but our media's too happy discussing celeb deaths ... NOBODY mentioned the House passing C&T tonight for more than a minute IF that...

SO, we need Tea Parties and other groups to SPEAK UP !! Thanks, RK..good to know Atlanta's carrying on!!

robert verdi said...

what a bunch of slimes, good grief.

JaneLovesJesus said...

hate to say this ... but you almost have to wonder if the Narcissist in Chief doesn't wish he could quell the Tea Party movement just like Ahmadinishad is 'quelling' his protestors.

There! I said it!

Andrew33 said...

Glen has been doing this since I first started listening to him on 9/12/01. He is by far my fave..but my real point is that Simons owns malls all across the country. I am for boycotting Simon's malls. How about you too. I will do a similar post on Kook's Manifesto which I co-host later today.

As I figured, knowing Atlanta as well as I do, there are plenty of spaces there to have tea parties and those thrown out of Simon's empty mall will find another place and in the end, Simon helped organize a BIGGER TEA PARTY. Was that really their goal? As a southerner and Tea Party supporter, thank you for putting this out there.

LandShark 5150 said...

First, great blog and post. Second, Beck-thru the tears and the sky is falling face, is right on target. He speaks for us, the great unheard heart beat of this country. It is sinful the 545 in DC are not listening. But this could be good, they wont hear us coming, and coming to their door we are. Again GREAT blog.

RightKlik said...

Z: Beck's doing great work, I hope he can keep it up. You're right, we need these Tea Parties now more than ever.

RV: Time to fight fire with fire.

JLJ: I have no idea how far Obama would go. I wish I could say he would draw the line somewhere, but I can't say that with any confidence.

Andrew: I agree with the boycott idea. Whatever the economic impact would be, it would help generate some negative publicity. The idea already has quite a bit of traction. They say you vote with your dollars. A vote for Simon Malls is a vote for:

1. Big financial contributions to Democrats and Democrat organizations.

2. Tea Party suppression.

Thanks for spreading the word.

LandShark: Thank you. The 545 in DC are in for a rude awakening.

JINGOIST said...

Thanks for the info RK. IT won't affect my shopping habits, but it WILL effect the habits of all the "fairer" members of my family.

MY better half and I are going to march on DC on the 4th! There's a HUGE protest march.

Anonymous said...

It just make us stronger and the more press they get, the more the conservatives will join in. I like that they have banned together and joined their resources. Good for them!

RightKlik said...

JINGOIST: Sounds like it will be a great time. I hope it goes well. Look forward to hearing how it went. Let us know.

MACW: This movement is so much bigger than any one event or location. Team Obama will understand that soon.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am so happy to hear they are having it anyway. I watched this on Beck the other day.

Speaking of Beck, my 9-12 group is starting a letter writing campaign in regards to the RINO 8 that voted for cap & tax. We are asking that the RNCC and the RNC cut off funding their re-election campaigns. I will post the letter you can use as template soon. Pass the word. We need them to get 1,000's.

commoncents said...

Great post! I really like your blog!!

ps. Link Exchange??

Cheryl Prater said...

RightKlik: thank you for shining the bright light of truth on this situation. You have done some EXCELLENT reporting. Thanks for all you are doing.

RightKlik said...

JCA: Great letter on your site. Have you shared it on Twitter?

commoncents: Thanks. You're on my blogroll now.

CP: Thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I saw that and got the email update on it. This is shear thuggery and censorship.

Well,once agian the market will show our disgust,come Christmas the malls owned by Simon Property Group will suffer.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sheer thuggery my friend..madness!..and hey..the SUN is out in NYC for the first time in a month..yay!! :)

RightKlik said...

CS: It's a very nasty story.

This is a very good summary:

Fortunately there will be more than one option for Atlanta-area Tea Party Patriots. I will be at the Cobb Tea Party on the 3rd and the protest at the Capitol on the 4th.

WHT: It was an act of very deceptive sabotage.

Hope your clouds are coming this way, we need rain.