Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diamonds All Around Us

Grassroots vs. the establishment: Who will prevail? Jim DeMint has chosen to support the grassroots candidate. DeMint's conservative street cred is unsurpassed. Here's what he has to say:

"Once there was a poor farmer who wanted to become fabulously rich in the diamond trade. He deserted his farmland and traveled the world looking for diamonds until he was too old to look anymore. He returned home penniless, only to discover that the fields around his home were thick with flawless diamonds as big as your fist.

"The poor guy’s fortune had been right under his nose, but he had wasted his whole life looking everywhere but in his own backyard.

"That old story came back to me a few weeks ago when I met Marco Rubio. He’s the 38-year old former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez next year. Rubio is the most impressive conservative leader I have met in a long time, a natural leader with an inspiring personal story and an even more inspiring vision for Florida and America.

"He is at once a principled conservative and an accomplished legislator with a proven record of building broad coalitions to champion fiscal discipline, economic growth, and the American values of family, faith, and freedom.

"For months now, Republicans have been looking around, asking everyone they meet who our next leaders will be. And somehow, inexplicably, many of us have grown blind to the diamonds all around us. There are already many young, conservative leaders ready to fight for freedom in Washington and in state capitals all around the country. But we’ll never find them if we only look for well-known politicians or choose our party’s direction based on the latest polls instead of timeless principles..."

(emphasis mine)


We the people are coming.
h/t Adrienne

Tea Party organizer launches Senate bid.

State run media (ABC) won't allow GOP to respond to Obama.

Doctors boo Obama.

Great article: Health Care Is NOT That Complicated. Read this and share!

When did become acceptable to be so crude?

Weakest Link: Round 5

Ron Paul eliminated in Round 1
Newt Gingrich and Charlie Cristeliminated in Round 2
Mike Huckabee eliminated in Round 3
John Thune eliminated in Round 4

Round 5

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WomanHonorThyself said...

lets pray we get some candidates this time my friend!!!

RightKlik said...

WHT: Let's pray they don't get sabotaged in the primaries.

TCL said...

I think Marco Rubio is a very viable candidate in Florida. I've posted on him. I'm a FL resident and I will be voting for Rubio in the primary.

RightKlik said...

TCL: Rubio looks very promising. Please keep us posted.

Z said...


RK...that Glenn Beck letter from the woman is FANTASTIC.

GREAT post...Diamonds are there...we have to find them and PROTECT THEM FROM THE MACHINE..BOTH MACHINES.

It's why THEY HATE PALIN..Even the RNC isn't too big on her, from what's been happening lately.
She's REAL, she's smart, she's no yes man and she isn't going to put the Bilderberg Group before America...a novel idea, huh?

Left Coast Rebel said...

That is a great analogy RK, keep up the great work here too!

cube said...

The press has already annointed Crist as the republican senate candidate.

I, for one, don't want the liberal press picking my candidates.

As a Floridian I have my eye on Rubio already, but I'm not sure he can overcome the liberal tide.

RightKlik said...

Z: Yes that letter really hits a lot of important points hard. It has morphed into a petition drive. The link for anyone who's interested:


Absolutely. Both.

RightKlik said...

LCR: I'd love to take credit, but Demint came up with the analogy.

Cube: Perhaps irrelevant, but very interesting: Markos thinks Rubio will win.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Mitt comes across as too much of a phony.