Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who is Ui2?

There's a new kid on the block: Ui2. You might have noticed their ads on your favorite blogs over the past week or so. What is Ui2 all about?

Editorially, it’s pretty simple: We’re featuring sites we dig, such as RightKlik and The Other McCain. And sometimes we will highlight lesser known blogs to call attention to new voices (check out Amy Proctor). So we have some content that shows up only in our Tag features (check them out – there’s a topical Tag feed on every page), and other content that we feature under the site’s masthead. We’ll rotate some of these features in and out over time.

Ui2 showcases exceptionally good conservative content (e.g., Hot Air, RedState, American Thinker, Instapundit). Naturally, I'm quite pleased to be featured on the site.

What's next for Ui2?

A lot of cool stuff is still in development, so we’ll be changing some things up over the next few months. This weekend we’ll be bringing on a few new feeds, including Legal Insurrection and SCOTUSblog.

The Other McCain featured a post on Ui2 yesterday.

Tired of filtering out the Liberal noise at Memeorandum? Check out Ui2.


Anonymous said...

I'll check it out.

Soloman said...

Interesting.. I've added it to my 'Wise Writings' list, with Brietbart, Hot Air, and Conservative Blogs Central and the like.

LSP said...

Saw that - nice.

The Conservative Lady said...

Congrats! I added it to my Links.

Z said...

Congratulations, RK...great job said...

Thanks for the nice feature! We're glad to be in the neighborhood, and we read Right Klik every day. We really appreciate your perspective and what you bring to the mix.

Excellent in-depth coverage of Brown v Coakley, BTW. Let's go win some more!

Snarky Basterd said...

Congrats for getting pimped over there, and for letting me know about their site. Now I have another palce to check daily.