Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meet Scott Brown

Scott Brown performed well in his interview on Fox News:

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An Open Letter to Brown Supporters Regarding Eeyorism and Concern Trolls (GREAT advice from unlikely allies)

Dems are threatening to break the democratic links which bind us as a nation…the electoral outrage will be generational. Call the Democrats' Bluff On Refusing To Seat Scott Brown.


Opus #6 said...

Scott Brown ROCKS! And I think this is all the more reason the Dems are panicking.

RightKlik said...

Absolutely. He's the biggest threat to the Massachusetts Democrat machine in forever.

Teresa said...

Scott Brown is awesome! The Dems are panicking. I hope and pray that with all of our help he wins so we can stop Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

Will be watching this one! Even if it is close it send a strong signal.

tbaleno said...

I think he handled it well. He didn't come off as a lock step conservative. That would have killed him in MA.

He tried to push the I'm my own man argument which I think he did adequetly.

Anonymous said...

Just remember the Democrat Machine stop at NOTHING.

jadedfellow said...

Sounds like this guy has his head screwed on to his own shoulders.

Values, integrity and commitment will be a welcome addition. Hope he can build up what is getting torn down.

RightKlik said...

T: Yes, it is becoming increasingly obvious that they have good reasons to panic.

M: Yes. I hope you'll have the opportunity to cover this story on your blog.

tb: He definitely struck right balance.

Anon: Yes, but that didn't work for them in NJ. Corzine lost. If the Obamacrats can loose in NJ, they can lose in MA.

JF: I think he can. It will be a tough fight, to be sure.


FYI y'all, here are some great links:

An Open Letter to Brown Supporters Regarding Eeyorism and Concern Trolls: GREAT advice from unlikely allies

Call Dems Bluff On Refusing To Seat Scott Brown: Political EXPLOSION!

Anonymous said...

I've sent my contribution. Please do the same. You know a win would ruin Pelosi's lunch.

One Ticked Chick said...

I loved it when he told Sean he's a "Scott Brown Republican," beholden to no one. Let's hope the people of Mass. have the good sense to break the liberal strong hold on their state.

RightKlik said...

OTC: That was a great line. He's been asked that question before, and his old answer was good, but this time his answer seemed to be spontaneous...and it was solid.

Alex said...

Doesn't Scott Brown support requiring people by law to obtain health insurance? That's what the 2006 Massachutts health care law (signed in by Mitt Romney) requires and he says he supports that. All you have to do is check Scott Brown's own website under Issues

Scott Brown seems like another politician who uses partisanship to get elected. I do not see him as the type to stand on principle if elected.

This kind of reminds me how conservatives were so excited about getting Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor in California. Well they aren't too excited about him now are they?

Conservatives seem to be doomed to repeat history over and over again.

PJ from NJ said...

Today Scott Brown. Tommorrow, Lou Dobbs replaces Frank Lautenberg. It's a beautiful thing. We need Mr. Brown's message even in New Jersey. May the FORCE be with you.