Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scott Brown on Hannity

In the only public poll of the 2010 Massachusetts special election to date, Rasmussen found that Scott Brown and his Democratic opponent were separated by single digits. Among respondents who say they are sure to vote, Brown and the Democrat were two points apart, well within the margin of statistical error (4.5%).

Sean Hannity interviewed Scott Brown yesterday, a few hours after Rasmussen's poll results were first released. Setting up the interview, Hannity read from IBD's Politics and Markets Blog:

A Brown upset would be seismic, because it would reduce the Senate Democratic caucus to 59 votes, 1 vote shy of the 60 needed to override a GOP filibuster. That would mean the GOP could block a final health bill if House-Senate negotiators make any changes to the Senate health bill.

Here's the Hannity/Brown interview in its entirety:


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Help Scott Brown By Making Calls From Home!
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Bungalow Bill said...

The news is good today. Tightening polls in Massachusetts, a handful of corrupt Democrats out the door, it would be nearly perfect if Claire McCaskill would publically admit she is an idiot incapable of serving the good people of Missouri and step down.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good news...we need that baddo!!!!keep up the fight..and don't lose heart! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's get behind this guy. He may be the thin end of the wedge.

Codester said...

"..Abortion decisions should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor..." ~Rep. Scott Brown (R-MA)

So Republicans are willing to see past one of their core principles...
and elect a pro-choice Republican... JUST to be obstructionist on health care reform. I see.

Opus #6 said...

(Sorry about the copy/paste but I am spreading this comment around the internet tonight and I was happy to find your blog on Blogsearch under Scott Brown. :-)

Stop the dems craziness on Jan 19th and help get Scott Brown elected. His vote in the senate is #41 and blocks this legislation from ever getting to the senate floor.
STOP Obamacare NOW!

Scott Brown (R) is leading 48-47 in Massachusetts!!!!

This is the special US senate race on Jan 19th. Scott says he will vote to KILL Obamacare if he is elected. He is Republican vote #41 and blocks cloture and KILLS the healthcare bill. We have made up 30 points in the last month and are ahead by one!
Organizing for America just sent out info for a phone bank for Coakley (D) yesterday. and SEIU are pouring money into the race to get Coakley elected. Bill Clinton and Kerry are going to Massachusetts to help We NEED to win this one.
Scott Brown needs our help and the national phone bank is the key. Please join today
People across the country are calling, and Tea Party and 912 groups everywhere are getting involved as well. If all of us make calls for the next 8 days with a HUGE get out the vote calls on Jan 19th then we CAN win. Scott's vote is #41 in the Senate and KILLS Obamacare, Cap and Trade and anything else the Dems throw at us. Do NOT allow another progressive backed by SEIU into the senate!
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Tea Party Phone Bank for Brown site at:

Scott was just on Hannity’s TV show and said he will vote NO which will KILL the healthcare bill.