Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Scott Brown's Seat!

The AP calls the Massachusetts Senate election for the Republican. Coakley concedes.

Congratulations Scott Brown!

Just in time for the first anniversary of the Obama regime, the Bay State delivers the the best gift a conservative pundit could hope for!

The Senate spot formerly known as "the Kennedy seat" has been returned to the people. Stunning skeptics, Scott Brown turned the dream into a reality. Pundits be darned, a principled centrist Republican has pulled off the Massachusetts miracle. This brilliant campaign will be one for the textbooks.

ObamaCare is dead. Ignore the incoherent bluster coming from bitter Democrats who are still clinging to the rapidly-fading Kennedy legacy. Brown's victory will be more than enough to push Obama's agenda off the precipice.

Forget "reconciliation," GOP defections, and banning the filibuster. No, the Dems aren't bluffing about these things, they're just in denial. They're hoping for a miracle of their own.

Too Little, too late. It's over.

The results of today's election show us that 2012 will be a very bad year for incumbents, and that's just fine with me. Thank you Massachusetts!

Victory Lap

Results of the MAsen election.

How Scott Brown Used Google to Get Results in Mass. Election

Having a supermajority may have hurt Democrats more than it helped.

House Dems already starting to run from ObamaCare

Boston Globe explains how Coakley "won."

Make your voice heard and tell the Senate to Seat Senator Brown. Sign the petition now.

The Scott Heard 'Round the World
Perhaps the most memorable moment of the campaign:


Marcia, Marcia Marcia! Thanks for the memories.


Velcro said...

Ain't it grand?!?!?!?!!!!!!

RightKlik said...


Soloman said...

A political earthquake!

RightKlik said...

The ground is still shaking!

Teresa said...

Victory is in the air!!!

This is both a historic and momentous occasion.

YEAH!!! Brown wins!!!

RightKlik said...

Teresa: Unbelievable!

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo we got Massachsetts!!:)

RightKlik said...

WHT: What a shocker!

Sue said...

I wish I could share your belief that it is over. From what I am hearing, the Dems are gonna pass the bill as is, have Obama sign it and then "fix it". Unfortunately, I don't believe I have hear the rotund lady sing...

RightKlik said...

Sue: We still have to fight, but new cracks are already starting to show. ObamaCare will fall apart.

Amusing Bunni said...

Now we are starting the GOOD NEW DAYS!
I’m so happy Scott Brown Won.

Tell all your friends and Readers Right Klik, to sign
this petition NOW, so they don’t play around with seating him


It takes like 15 seconds. We can’t let Reid and peeLOUSELY pull their dirty tricks.

RightKlik said...

AB: Thanks for the link!

Adrienne said...

Blueberry pancakes and bacon to celebrate. What a day!!

RightKlik said...

Adrienne: Best day in a long time!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

The good people of Massachusetts told pollster after pollster that they wanted to send a message to Washington. My! My! That message has been received loud and clear:


Congratulations, Massachusetts!


Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Joe America said...

Hello Mr. President, DO YOU HEAR US NOW?

Hallelujah! And Congratulations to Senator-elect Brown. The Kenyan is now 3 for 3 in elections where he shows up.
Whether you call yourselves Democrats, Republicans or Independents, the people have spoken!!
The One should have gotten the message by now. Thank you to the people of Mass. for taking the first step to reigning in Congress and President Obama. To Congress and President Obama, the grass roots continue to grow. You can still make a difference and join in protecting America, and the Constitution. Its NOT too late. Please give the health care reform back to the people. Open up the debate to the public. Congress, stop all your back door politics and corruption. America, please keep this movement going. NO MORE CORRUPTION in Washington. God Bless Senator Scott and his family, and God Bless America. Sincerely, Joe American

DaBlade said...

I am so happy! I'll be happier if I can shake that ABBA tune out of my head though. I hold you responsible RK. Ah, what the heck... "Waterloo... Couldn't escape if I wanted to!"

RightKlik said...

TDDR: They hear us now, but it will take some time to sink in!

JA: We've crossed the starting line! http://hotair.com/archives/2010/01/20/and-now-a-cautionary-note/

DaBlade: Sorry. I suppose you're one of the 3 people who click on my links!

Fredd said...

It's early, enjoy the moment, but a bucket of cold water is in order here:

Don't believe for a second that Obama heard any sort of 'message' from Scott Brown's victory. He'll blame Coakley for running a crappy campaign and dismiss any notion that this election was an indictment on his policies.

RightKlik said...

Fredd: Obama is tone deaf. Perhaps he will remain so. But the elections of November do not afford all Democrats the luxury to follow his lead.