Monday, January 18, 2010

Support Chuck DeVore

Here at RightKlik, we're always looking forward. Even before Obama's inevitable victory in 2008, we were blogging about who might beat him in 2012.

Obviously we don't know what will happen on Tuesday in Massachusetts, but things are looking very good for Scott Brown. No matter what happens, Brown has proven that the GOP can do very well in the deepest of blue states.

The tide has turned.

Twenty-ten is shaping up to be a very bad year for incumbents all over the country, so the GOP can expect to do exceptionally well in November. Now is the time to begin helping conservative candidates take over the Republican Party. If we're lazy, too many bland McCainiacs and Lindsay Graham types will rush in to fill the Democrat void.

To illustrate the point, let's draw our attention to another very important race.

The latest numbers from Rasmussen show that in the race to replace H.R.H. Senator Barbara Boxer, Chuck DeVore, the true conservative, polls surprisingly well. The establishment Republican, while better known, is doing only a tiny bit better.

DeVore is a bright, capable and articulate candidate who has been endorsed by Jim DeMint. He deserves serious attention from conservatives all over the country who are interested in seeing a more conservative and competent GOP.

If you don't know much about Chuck DeVore, I challenge you to learn more, and to consider supporting his effort to dethrone Barbara Boxer.


DeVore: A Proven Leader for California and America [Jim DeMint]

WSJ: DeVore Counts on California Conservatism.

Chuck DeVore on the issues

Bay Area Republicans now talking smack about winning Mass. Senate race


the malcontent said...

If you don't know much about Chuck DeVore, I challenge you to learn more, and to consider supporting his effort to dethrone Barbara Boxer.

I will check him out. Anyone has to be better than Barbara Boxer... almost anyone.

Z said...

A CALIFORNIAN? I do have to check this guy out and help if I feel led (which is probably the case!)
Thanks, RK.
And thanks for dropping by geeeez

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Everyone needs to keep a close eye on him and support him as much as possible -- financially and otherwise.

Many of us in this state are Boxered-out.

nacilbupera said...
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nacilbupera said...

Bully Barbara--oh wait excuse us ma'am--"Senator Boxer" is the worst of the worst. If Feinstein is bad, Boxer is plain evil. Fiorina would be a Schwartzenegger-style unreliable wishy-washy moderate GOP. If you like Sen. Snow, you'll probably love Fiorina.

DeVore is the real thing and the time is right to kick out the Bully.

The Conservative Lady said...

I agree with you. We must start supporting conservative candidates for 2010 and posting about them is a great idea. I've been doing it for Marco Rubio and will check Chuck Devore out. If Senator DeMint is supporting him, I'm sure he's a good candidate.