Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Closet Democrat

Profile of a closet Democrat:
For this stellar performance as a liberal RINO, Representative Mark Kirk has earned a score of 48 (out of 100) from the American Conservative Union. Looking at it from another angle, Kirk is 52% liberal.

In a state where conservatives outnumber liberals by 12 percentage points, I struggle to understand why establishment Republicans like John McCain have chosen to put their thumbs on the scale for Mark Kirk's candidacy for U.S. Senate before the GOP primary.

Have they learned nothing from the fine example set by Arlen Specter? Have they learned nothing from the Dede Scozzafava debacle?


I don't know who this tough guy is, but Mark Kirk had better watch out:


Stop Mark Kirk. Support Patrick Hughes.

Cap’n Tax: Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk Voted for cap and trade after he claimed to have read it.

Illinois: 35% Conservative, 23% Liberal

Illinois conservative Republicans are essentially being insulted by their own party’s effete elites.

Tell Mark Kirk to go join the Democratic Party. That's where he really belongs!

Thomas Sowell: Republicans' "Big Tent" Battle


DaBlade said...

I loved the biker dude. (I never thought I would type anything like that when I woke up today:) This should be interesting to watch play out. Thanks for the info.

Proof said...

Time for a good house cleaning in the GOP!

cube said...

Seems to me like both sides of the aisles need a good cleaning.

WomanHonorThyself said...

house cleaning indeed!