Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOTU: Who Cares?

I'm not going to watch Obama's State of the Union Speech. Now more than ever, Obama's speeches don't matter. It's not just that Obama's insufferable speeches are packed with lies (although that is part of the problem).

No, the real problem with Obama is that despite the fact that he is the de facto leader of the free world, what he has to say is of almost no consequence. Obama is probably the least persuasive President in living memory (to wit; ObamaCare, the Massachusetts Senate Race, the New Jersey Governor's Race, the Virgina Governor's Race, the Chicago Olympics bid, the Copenhagen Climate Council, etc.)

Obama is so weak and so stupid, he's now trying to ride the coattails of a freshly-elected Senator who rose from the Massachusetts State Legislature.

Obama, after one year, you're practically a lame duck.


State of the Union: Obama's Speech (complete transcript)

Bob McDonnell's Speech (full text): Republican State Of The Union Response

The First Amendment ― Statist’s Edition


WomanHonorThyself said...

I dont have the stomach for his garbage!

The Born Again American said...

The good part about last night was I got to bed at 9:00...

If I wanted fiction, I 'd watch the Sci-Fi channel...

Anonymous said...

His speeches energize me.

cube said...

Obama is no Spock. BO wouldn't know logic if it walked up to him an gave him a Vulcan Death pinch.

I'm not listening to this poseur babble on about how wonderful he is and how grateful we should be to have him as presidnet.

Just Jenn said...

I cannot bring myself to watch him as he speaks. I check later to see what he had to say. However, it's usually the same old let's be happy and unite bullshit without any REAL weight to it. So why bother? There is no reasoning with the man.

RightKlik said...

WHT: Same here. I've already had an almost lethal dose of Obama's radioactive waste.

TBAA: Good point.

NG: They are good for generating

cube: Good points. But is Obama fully human?