Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alito's Flamboyant Outburst

This is the most flamboyant outburst I have ever seen. Watch carefully; you might miss it:

Wasn't that slick? Obama gave lip service to deference to separation of powers, and then proceeded to lash out at his wayward minions from the tertiary branch.

The visual of the Justices sitting as the crowd (dare I say "mob") of Democrats around them jumped to their feet in exultation of Obama's prevarication was a low point in this already lowly presidency.

Leftists who don't like "conservative" Supreme Court Justices are pretending to be shocked by Alito's dismay:

...the behavior of Justice Alito at last night's State of the Union address...was a serious and substantive breach of protocol that reflects very poorly on Alito and only further undermines the credibility of the Court.

...The Court's credibility...has — justifiably — declined substantially over the past decade, beginning with Bush v. Gore...

...Justice Alito's flamboyantly insinuating himself into a pure political event, in a highly politicized manner, will only hasten that decline.

To say that Alito's sotto voce behavior was flamboyant is utterly ridiculous.

Moreover, if Alito was guilty of any breach of protocol (and this is a very big "if"), it was only in response to Obama's much more serious breach of protocol.

Obama has a right to express his opinion, but to express his opinion the way he did (and in that setting) undermines any perception or reality of a Court that is "separate and detached from partisan wars."


Should Obama Just Pack the Supreme Court and Get It Over With?

It's cool...FDR bullied the court too!

With All Due Deference to Separation of Powers

With all due respect deference? What does that really mean?

Executive branch attacks judicial branch. Statists cheer.

A deliberate attempt by Obama to intimidate the Court

Exit thoughts from Saul Alinski:

~Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. It also infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

~Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this...


Bungalow Bill said...

It makes you miss Joe Wilson, doesn't it. I like the You Lie volume raised. It's not secret now Obama lies. We can prove Obama lies with just one word--Transparency. Why not show a little outrage when he lies, right?

Teresa said...

I loved Alito speaking the truth-- "Not True." Obama is planning on abusing and going beyond his powers as president. He is overreaching, far overreaching. Obama wanted transparency so Alito was living up to Obama's promise.

The Conservative Biker said...

By that definition, wouldn't Harry Reid's giant YAWN during the speech be a breach of protocol?
Ya gotta love the double standard the Left lives by, because very soon it's gonna bite them in the butt. Even more humorous is that everyone but them can see it coming.

Anonymous said...

This incompetent fool in the WH is an embarrassment to our country. And the biggie at the speech was him taking us the American people for idiots when he said "it's his fault for not explaining his health care plan correctly so that the people could understand it" We understood it you fool! We just didn't like it and we DON'T want it! Do YOU understand that? And, unfortunately, in the U.S. the MSM is completely IN THE BAG for Obama and were instrumental in getting this incompetent socialist elected! Our own press continues to spin and deny the truth and continue to shove his horrible agenda down our throats! Can’t wait till November 2010 and 2012. We’ll throw this idiot out along with his lib allies in congress.
Our enemies across the globe are laughing at us. Putin found his new lapdog to intimidate. The Chinese have him over a barrel on Iran and North Korea. He is threatening the North Koreans and Iranians with paper threats. No one overseas takes him seriously.

And what he said about the Supreme Court was just about the biggest slap in the face I've ever seen. SHAME, SHAME on a shameful excuse for a US President.He's a classless tool.
Maybe Our Dear Leader should just abolish the Supreme Court if they can't be trusted to make a decision to suit him.

Sparky said...

The President and many politicians think we're all stupid, don't they?! He gave us his "shut up and sit down, I'm your god and have spoken" speech last night. We got his "Oh, we have to all get along ..." whining side of Comrade Zero too. But why? He doesn't even need the Republicans. Demoncrats are in the majority.

But you see, he can't add. I'm convinced of that now.

Also, it's more of the commie lib touchy feely crap and they're up to something evil again. Comrade Zero keeps demonizing the 'special interests'. All the 'special interests' are the government. The government is the problem! You want to create more jobs? [he doesn't] THEN GET THE GOVERNMENT THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY! Stop penalizing business for doing business by burdening them with asinine regulations and paperwork.

By the way, businesses don't pay taxes. Consumers do. Yep, that's right. Economy 101. No company has ever paid taxes from it's own pockets, consumers do. Try running a business for 5 minutes and not make a sizeable profit. All costs get passed along to the consumer or you'll last about that long: 5 minutes.

Hey you Government people ... here's More Economy 101: Businesses create jobs, not government. Stop making businesses collect taxes for the government.

I am really tired of Zero's condesending way of speaking to us.

Oh, and get this! We also got the communist side of Comrade Zero in the speech.

Now He The Anointed One Speaking To The Great Unwashed says, that all students will only have to pay back 10% of their student loans only if they chose a "public service job". Comrade Zero thinks this is a stimulus?! This is not a stimulus! This is not only idiotic, it's a dangerous, foolish presidency!

Unemployment is now at about 16%. People are losing their homes, their fortunes, and some their lives to despair.

And now, the coup de grĂ¢ce, the government claims it needs more money to bail out more Unions with the new 'Jobs Bill'! Oh, didn't you get that memo? It's not a 'stimulus' anymore, the new PC term is Jobs Bill. [source]

"Hey, gummit, turn up that heat! The frogs not hoppin' out yet." America is just about to get really cooked.

Anyway, I get it now. Just like a friend of mine blogged about recently, the fool CAN'T ADD!! Another victim of public schooling no doubt. [shaking head in disgust]

Also, off subject, did you see the Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito shake his head and mouth "That's Wrong!"? He was disgusted over Comrade Zero's open criticism and misquote of a court ruling. [In all my 50 yrs I have never seen a sitting President do that openly!] Judge Alito was sitting next to the Affirmative Action Poster Child Sonia Sotomayor. She looks stoned, as usual, or maybe it's just that it's another of Zero's boring Let's Destroy America speeches. [yawn] [source]

And, get this, I heard radio talk show host Chris Matthews say he (speaking of Comrade Zero) "forgot he was black". Whoa Nelly! That one made me LOL.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Have a super's absolutley freezing in (NOT Global warming) NYC! :)