Sunday, January 10, 2010

Democrat-Supporting Pollster: Brown +1

Public Policy Polling has Scott Brown ahead by one point in the Massachusetts Senate race!

On Tuesday, when Rasmussen found that Scott Brown and his Democratic opponent were separated by single digits, liberals were incredulous. The New York Times claimed that Rasmussen's polls are essentially worthless.

Now that PPP (a liberal pollster) has produced these numbers, Democrats will be forced to admit that Brown has built considerable momentum. In mere weeks, Brown has surged from a 30 point deficit. Now it's a toss up.

Even Brown's Eeyores should be smiling now.

Some Details:
  • 66% of GOP voters say they are 'very excited' about casting their votes, while only 48% of Democrats express that sentiment.
  • Brown holds a 63-31 lead with independent voters.
  • Among voters who have a negative take on both parties, Brown leads 74-21.
  • Brown's favorability spread is a remarkable +32 (57/25).
Here's the REALLY good news for Brown:

Those folks planning to vote in the special election are actually opposed to Obama’shealth care plan by a 47/41 margin and only narrowly express approval of the President’s overall job performance 44/43.

If the Massachusetts Senate race is a referendum on ObamaCare, Scott Brown could do very well on January 19.

Full poll results here.


Daily Kos: "Crap…Guys, we need to pay some attention to this race, STAT…"

Malkin: Bombshell…Brown leads Coakley in MA Senate race. Gird loins for more SEIU shenanigans.

UPDATE: Boston Globe...Coakley up by 15. (There's something for everyone.)


Teresa said...

This is wonderful news!!! I hope Brown continues this momentum and wins against Coakley.

RightKlik said...

It's really amazing.

Now the race gets dirty. Coakley has to "scare out the vote" if she wants to win.

Codester said...

What exactly makes PPP a "liberal pollster"?? LOL

There's no evidence of that. I love the continued baseless claims made on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Be sure you get your check from NYTimes before they go under.

RightKlik said...

Codester: Glad you brought that up.

Read PPP's advice to Martha Coakley.

PPP's CEO is Dean Debnam. Read about his political contributions here.

Read about some of Debnam's shenanigans here.

And a bit more here.

PPP is no passive, impartial observer. They lean left with Democrats.

nacilbupera said...

RK: Yea!!! As a Christian we are praying for deliverance from Democare. Could Mr. Brown the angel sent from God to answer that prayer?
We surely hope so. If Brown wins, we for one will give credit to God for using us as instruments in his hands to defeat tyranny.
Keep up the great work, Patriot!

RightKlik said...


Thanks for your kind words. I can only imagine how excited Brown's people in MA are.

Anonymous said...

This will be very interesting to see how this pans out. If we see a mass influx of barry's footsoldiers (acorn) on the scene and he uses the billions of tax dollars in his slush fund, stolen from the tax payers, the tide has truly turned if Brown wins. I just can't see it with chicago thug politics, we can only pray and hope. M

WomanHonorThyself said...

G'mornin my friend!:)...lets hope the momentum goes in the right direction!

Ken & Carol said...

But have they taken into account who is counting the votes?

Z said...

I'm hearing the polls aren't so good for Brown, if this great guy wins, it's HUGE!! I wonder how much ACORN is involved in the 'community' (perish the thought)

GO, BROWN, the country needs you, not just Massachusetts!

Opus #6 said...

I followed the Kos link and the comments were heartening. I liked how the commenters got all wild about passing HC w reconciliation then the discussion came to the conclusion that that would not work. Interesting and good!