Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico held primaries yesterday, taking us one step closer to finding out who will comprise the ruling elite in the next Congress.

Some highlights from the primary elections of June 1:

In conservative AL-2, voters will have to wait to find out who will face the incumbent Democrat in November. Martha Roby finished first in the GOP primary, but she will face the fire-breating Tea Party candidate, Rick Barber, in a runoff election on July 13.

Mo Brooks defeated incumbent RINO Parker Griffith (one of Pelosi's old blue lap dogs) in AL-5.

Sadly, the world’s most famous candidate for state agriculture commissioner was defeated. The wildly entertaining Dale Peterson finished last, leaving the other two Alabama GOP candidates to face each other again in the runoff. Apparently, Alabama voters want more than viral YouTube videos from their elected officials.

Sarah Palin's favorite GOP candidate for governor in New Mexico, Susana Martinez, won a majority of the votes in a five way race.

The New York Times' favorite Demokrat candidate for governor in Alabama, Artur Davis, was crushed by Ron Sparks (62% - 38%).

Alan Nunnelee won the GOP nod in MS-1 in a three-way race, defeating Sarah Palin's prefered candidate, former Fox News analyst, Angela McGlowan. (Nunnelee has articulated his views on health care very well; I give him a solid B+.)

MS-4 will send Steven Palazzo to the general election to take on Pelosicrat Gene Taylor.

Super Tuesday...

With ten states holding primary elections next week, June 8 is arguably the biggest election day between now and November 2.

Stay tuned.


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