Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Secretly Sikh?

It's exceedingly frustrating when professional media personalities get their facts wrong. But it's absolutely maddening when reporters twist the facts for dramatic effect, and then refuse to back down when they're asked to acknowledge the distortion.

Case in point:

Today, on my way to work, I heard a good reporter make what I consider to be a big error. Speaking on WSB about Tuesday's runoff elections in South Carolina, Jamie Dupree paraphrased one of his own statements:

The idea that an Indian-American Sikh would easily win the GOP Governor's runoff and a black man would beat a Thurmond shows that times have changed in the Palmetto State.

The quote above was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a column by Mr. Dupree.

Unfortunately, the statement is recklessly misleading. Nikki Haley (winner of the GOP Governor's runoff ) is not a Sikh, she's a Methodist. Why is this important? Because in some parts of South Carolina, Sikh = f#!king raghead.

South Carolina is a state that takes religion very seriously. Religion and politics mingle quite freely in the Palmetto State, and SC is said to be 92% Christian. So although it is decidedly unfair, the hard reality is this: Even having a Sikh heritage is, at best, a big distraction ― and at worst, a big liabilityin South Carolina. Actually being a Sikh would almost undoubtedly be a political career killer.

It is true that Nikki Haley's parents adhere to Sikhism, but Nikki Haley is a 38-year-old Methodist Christian who converted to Christianity at 24 years of age.

Here's a statement from Haley's website:

Question: Is Nikki a Christian?

In Nikki’s words: “My faith in Christ has a profound impact on my daily life and I look to Him for guidance with every decision I make. God has blessed my family in so many ways and my faith in the Lord gives me great strength on a daily basis. Being a Christian is not about words, but about living for Christ every day.”.

So when Jamie Dupree called Nikki Haley an "Indian-American Sikh," I set out to correct the record, and sent JD a tweet ASAP:

".@JamieDupree Nikki Haley is Methodist. You said she's Sikh on WSB"

To which Dupree replied,

"she is an Indian American Sikh by heritage - her name was Nikki Kaur Randhawa - she became a Methodist later in life"

Then I fired back with the following:

".@jamiedupree Sikh heritiage ≠ Sikh. WSB statement was misleading for those who don't know Haley's religion vs. her parents' religion"

I drove the point in a little harder with this:

".@jamiedupree I have Democrat heritage. Converted to GOP in adulthood. Am I a Democrat? #Haley"

Heritage vs. conviction... it's a distinction with a very important difference, is it not?

I see no reason to second-guess Haley's statements about her religious beliefs or to plant seeds of confusion for idiots who want to promote the "secret religion" meme.

How hard is it to stick to the facts?


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Left Coast Rebel said...

Exceedingly unfair. It is so incredible how the left (and compatriotic press) uses race and religion to divide.....when it suits their purpose.

I can't think of a more blatant example than this.

Anonymous said...

Well done calling him on it.

Linda said...

Do you actually think the statement will be corrected by the person who made it? At the same time frame? To the same audience? Not a chance!

I'm glad you wrote the post though.

Linda said...

Do you actually think the statement will be corrected by the person who made it? At the same time frame? To the same audience? Not a chance!

I'm glad you wrote the post though.

RightKlik said...

LCR: When they're not intentionally conspiring with the leftoids, their laziness and sloppiness fills the void. Always disappointing.

Trestin: Thanks.

Linda: Hopefully he'll refrain from using incorrect descriptors in the future. Not counting on it.

Anonymous said...

You'd figure the multi culture inclusive liberals would like to see somebody of anther religion getting in. Guess not.

Also, what ever happen to the idea of no religious test to be in office? Just saying.

For, as MLK put it, suppose to be judging base on content of character, not color of skin or religion. OR I thought that was the ideals we were suppose to strive for.

RightKlik said...

CS: Lib masters get very angry when minorities wander off the Democratic plantation.