Monday, June 28, 2010

TBF Has Arrived!

Ten Buck Fridays continues to make waves. Now a conservative candidate for Congress is asking for your TBF Vote! This is from Liz Carter's (GA-4) Facebook page:

Liz Carter for Congress "Help me get a money bomb!"

And Liz Carter is getting the word out on Twitter too:

"Help me get a money bomb! #liz4ga #yankhank #sgp"

RightKlik remains neutral in the TBF poll (all of this week's candidates are top notch), but I'll take note of any conservative candidate who asks for TBF support, and will link to supporters' TBF pages.

So far, Anna Little is in the lead with 33% of the vote. Have you voted yet?


Liz Carter: The serious businesswoman who would capsize a certain Georgia Democrat

"The youngest of 10 children – the last born before her birth father abandoned the family – Carter describes her circumstance growing up as 'dirt poor,' which might explain why she doesn’t flinch at the notion of sacrifice."

The Other McCain: ‘Just One Tweet’: Conservative New Media Get Results in Georgia 4th District Story Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Money Bomb


Anonymous said...

TBF is also linked over at

Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Money Bomb

RightKlik said...

Anon: Thanks for the link!