Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anna Little Asks for Your "Ten Buck Fridays" Vote!

The Ten Buck Fridays movement continues to gain steam. Now another candidate is asking for your participation. This from Anna Little's Facebook page:

Mayor Anna Little (R) for Congressional District 6, New Jersey: Vote for us in this week's "Ten Buck Fridays" Poll!

We're in the lead right now with 30% of the vote but a wonderful candidate (and future colleague) Liz Carter (GA-4) is gaining ground!

Putting in a sincerely kind word for the competition? Quelle classe! No wonder Little's supporters call her "The Wonderful Anna."

Here's a message from Anna on Twitter:

Vote for us in this week's "Ten Buck Fridays" poll! We're leading with 30% but @lisbethcarter is gaining ground! http://tinyurl.com/322vol5

Have you voted in this week's TBF poll?


Anna Little's stunning victory in the 6th District Republican congressional primary.

Attention all Ten Buck Fridays Bloggers...

Note: RightKlik remains neutral in the TBF poll (all of this week's candidates are top notch), but I'll take note of any conservative candidate who asks for TBF support, and will link to supporters' TBF pages.

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