Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Government doesn't create jobs, government creates debt

A very simple but important message from the man who wants to unseat John McCain's accomplice in crimes against the Constitution:

Ron Johnson is willing to spend his last dime to secure economic freedom for future generations. I humbly submit Mr. Johnson for consideration for Ten Buck Fridays.


Wisconsin Senate: Feingold (D) 46%, Johnson (R) 45%


Spartanburg Tea Party: This is the year that conservatives need to step up to the table and vote with their wallets.

Anthropocon: It’s going to take money to defeat an entrenched Democrat like Barbara Mikulski

The Conservative Lady: Help spread the word about good conservative candidates who are running in the November elections.

Merriemarie's clog: There are only 19 weeks left until the ultimate Tea Party on November 2, 2010

AmericanNation: Make Your Voice Heard!

Red State: My Letter to the Senate Conservatives Fund

Conservative Scalawag: Vote early, vote often!

20/10 Blog: Ten Buck Fridays for conservative candidates

Proof Positive: A "money bomb" will affect the races to a greater extent.

Hack Wilson: Vote NOW

Jumping in Pools: Nikki Haley Wins!

New numbers from Rasmussen

TBF: Rep. Bob Etheridge Wants to Know Who You Are


RightKlik said...

TBF nomination via TCL:

Liz Carter

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic selection of links, good job!

Z said...
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Z said...


check out Vijay Kumar....sounds fabulous.


WomanHonorThyself said...

your post title says it all RK!