Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's Elections

Remember November! Today is another big day for conservative victory in 2010. Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico all hold June 1 primaries this year. Keep an eye on these elections:

In Mississippi's 1st district, Republican voters face a hotly contested primary between three candidates: state Sen. Alan Nunnelee; former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross; and former Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan.

In New Mexico, Susana Martinez seems to have the momentum headed into the GOP gubernatorial primary. She was endorsed by Sarah Palin, and she was ahead last week in two statewide polls.

Conservative Tea Party favorites in Alabama include Rick Barber (AL-2), and Les Philip (AL-5).

Good luck to all principled conservatives!


Mississippi Primaries: Voters choose June 1

Alabama's Secretary of State is predicting just 35% to 38% voter turnout for the primary.

The Justice Department will monitor primary elections in New Mexico to ensure compliance with minority language requirements of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


the malcontent said...

great surprised im the first one here.....

i figured there will be all kinds of lib turds screeching and crying already

RightKlik said...

TM: Libs can't take the heat. Haven't seen any of their troll tracks on this blog in a long time.