Friday, May 28, 2010

The Face of the Tea Party

George Will has found the ultimate Tea Partier: a man from Wisconsin who is putting everything on the line in an effort to unseat an entrenched DIY mode:

Johnson can fund himself. Asked how much of his wealth he will spend, if necessary, his answer is as simple as it is swift: "All of it."

The theme of his campaign, the genesis of which was an invitation to address a Tea Party rally, is: "First of all, freedom."

Johnson has the right ideas and the right priorities. He won the Wisconsin GOP's U.S. Senate nod in a landslide in last weekend's convention, and Rasmussen has him in a statistical tie with incumbent Senator Russ.

Keep an eye on this guy. Wonks and prognosticators say Russ Feingold can expect a comfortable win, but as George Will puts it, this is "a year in which incumbency is considered a character flaw."


Dapper Dan said...

RK, this is an uplifting post. As George Will says, Ron Johnson isn't just sitting on his hands, or going on with business as usual, he's getting in to the arena. It's good to hear about guys like this. And there seem to be more around the country like him. Maybe we'd better put that New Zealand exploratory trip on hold!

Proof said...

All of it? "Our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor" comes to mind!

RightKlik said...

DD: If enough people like RJ win in Nov, we might be able to get back on the right track.

Proof: Very bold and impressive statement. If it's true, he's quite a patriot.