Saturday, November 28, 2009

Waterloo in 2010

Even die-hard liberals now admit that the elections of 2010 are likely to decimate the Democrats. The results of a new question added to the DK tracking poll portends doom:

QUESTION: In the 2010 Congressional elections will you definitely vote, probably vote, not likely vote, or definitely will not vote?

Voter Intensity: Voting/NOT Voting

Republican Voters: 81/14
Independent Voters: 65/23
Democratic Voters: 56/40

Delving a little deeper into the numbers, 15% of Democrats say they're definitely not voting, compared to only 5% of Republicans who say the same.

Another thing to keep in mind while looking at these numbers: Lately, as a group, Independents have been drifting further to the right. If these numbers hold up, Democrats will be crushed in 2010.

If the Democrats seem suicidal in their quest to upend the health care system, it's because they are expecting massive losses in 2010 no matter what they do in the interim. They are on a kamikaze mission. Don't expect the Dems to be swayed by concerns about self-preservation.


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Anonymous said...

Our day is coming.. And so will Obama's !

Proof said...

If these numbers hold up, Democrats will be crushed in 2010

From your keyboard to God's email!

Having said that, in the immortal words of Han Solo:
"Don't get cocky!"

RightKlik said...

TS: Sometimes I wonder if Obama even wants a second term.

Proof: Yes, there are plenty of reasons to remain doubtful. Even if Republicans make significant gains in 2010, they could still be in the minority. And if they somehow take back control of the House and/or Senate, we still have a serious RINO problem (e.g., Lindsey Graham). And even if we get good results from Congress, Obama will still be President, and the media will continue to serve as BO's handmaidens.

The Watcher said...

Additionally to your concerns, think of how much damage BHO and his bowl of breakfast flakes have already done, and he hasn't even been sitting in the Big Chair for a full year. We've got another whole year before we can overhaul Congress - how much of the stuff that's already been passed (like a kidney stone) and the stuff that they'll ram through before next November could we conceivably negate if/when Republicans are back in a majority? No sarcasm intended, I'm really not that up of whether stuff like the Stimuloid Bill or this Obamacare fiasco could be burned out like the cysts they are.

RightKlik said...

TW: No chance of going back... "Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!"

Amusing Bunni said...

I can't wait until the whole bunch is voted out!

RightKlik said...

AB: We have to work very hard to minimize the damage in the meantime.

JaneLovesJesus said...

It shows even Democrats can learn. When you realize your vote did more harm than good, at least STOP VOTING.

Don't discount the level of FRAUD the dems are set up to commit. Winning BEYOND the margin of cheating will still be a challenge.