Friday, November 20, 2009

New Polls: Obama Lost His Coattails

Members of Congress who think they can rely on Obama to rescue them from the consequences of their health care vote had better think twice. Obama's approval numbers have dropped to new lows across the board.

In the Gallup's Daily tracking poll, Obama's approval has dropped below 50% for the very first time. It should be noted that Gallup samples all adult Americans in its poll; it does not focus on registered voters or likely voters. Ratings for Obama based on samples of all adults are always several points higher than those based on likely voters. That's because some of the Democrats' most enthusiastic supporters, e.g., young adults, are less likely to turn out to vote.

Obama also dropped below 50% in polling by Quinnipiac University for the first time this week. In their poll of registered voters, Obama's approval is at 48%. Obama’s approval rating was 59 percent in a Quinnipiac survey conducted Feb. 25 to March 2.

Quinnipiac also found that only 47% approve of most of Obama's policies, and voters strongly disapprove of the health care overhaul passed by the House of Representatives which he has endorsed (51% to 35%). Voters also disapprove of Obama's handling of health care 53 - 41 percent.

Obama's numbers have been especially bad this week in Rasmussen's polling. In fact, today’s results match the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for Obama and it’s the third straight day at -14. Prior to these three days, Obama’s presidential ratings had fallen to -14 on only one day since taking office. (Approval Index = strong approval - strong disapproval).

Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of Obama's performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) now disapprove.

Obama's approval rating has also hit a new low of 46% in Fox News' polling. Despite the fact that Fox's sample included a slightly higher-than-expected percentage of Republicans, results on approval of ObamaCare (40% approve, 52% disapprove) were similar to those found by Quinnipiac.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Klik. I needed to read that as we head into another Saturday Night treason session.

Bungalow Bill said...

I honestly don't think they care. They have all but hijacked the government. It's apparent the stimulus money was used to refund their reelection efforts now knowing how unpopular they have become. Money buys elections these days, and polls don't matter to them. It's really going to take something special from freedom loving people.

Jordan said...

It's all getting out there....the people are deciding...some take longer than others....Americans are smart...they don't want to be bought off.

Teresa said...

It was the Democrats that caused this recession to begin with. But, I guess blind moonbats can't see reality. It looks like people are finally waking up to the fraud known as Obama.

Soloman said...

What Nickie said... plus I'll add the fact that now I hear they're spinning in the MSM by trying to compare these numbers to Reagan before the economic turnaround.

I don't know enough to really know, but I doubt polling was as widespread or accurate then as it is now...

Snarky Basterd said...

I love the smell of failure in the morning.

BTW: I wanted to let you know that I've moved Feed Your ADHD. Stop by for a visit when you can.


Now this is change I can believe in.

DaBlade said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that more folks are realizing how dangerous the skinny Chicago thug community organizer from Kenya is, as evidenced by his drop of approval below 50%. I just wonder what it takes for a guy to get fired around here.

RightKlik said...

NG: I'm bitter, but I cling to whatever hope I can find.

BB: You're right. This is a Kamikaze mission for the Democrats. They'll do whatever it takes. Democrats who vote against their constituents' demands will be rewarded with golden parachutes.

Jordan: But apparently Congress does want to be bought off.

Teresa: They're waking up, but it's too late.

Soloman: The difference is that Reagan was fixing the economy, Obama is making it worse.

SB: I'll check it out.

TM: Yes, let's see what we can do with it.

DaBlade: He'd have to murder someone in broad daylight with his bare hands.

Amusing Bunni said...

THe Longer obummer stays in office, the more people will see through his lies.
Every day more and more people are waking up to the fact they installed a socialist liar intent on
destroying America.