Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conservative Power

Conservative Doug Hoffman has shaken up the Republican National Committee. Just a few days ago, Republicans were still investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a tax-and-spend, pro-stimulus, socially liberal DIABLO* candidate who wants to eliminate workers' right to vote by secret ballot. Then their candidate dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat. Now the GOP is running this beautiful ad:

The eyes of the nation are on the North Country. What we decide on Tuesday, will echo from Albany to Washington.

Who's side are you on? The Pelosi-Patterson tax-and-spend trainwreck? Or do you believe in Republican, Conservative values? ...Like thrift, personal responsibility, and family.

Let's tell the liberals enough is enough. No more bailouts, taxes and budget-busting spending. It's time to create jobs. With proven conservative ideas like lower taxes.

Let your voice be heard. Join the movement to bring real, conservative change. Tell the politicians NO MORE. We won't let you bankrupt America. We need conservative leaders who stand up for our values. Fight back. Vote CONSERVATIVE. It matters like never before.

How quickly things change. Welcome to the Tea Party era.

*DIABLO = Democrat In All But Label Only

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I love being Right said...

Nice. The American people, Conservatives are waking up. It's exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Just get out there and VOTE republican and get these bastards out.

conservative generation said...

I hope Hoffman change do more than win, but effect change in the Washington ranks as well.